Teething Rash in Babies | Natural Teething Rash Remedies

Teething is a hard milestone for both a baby and their parent. Not only do they have achy gums and want to gnaw on everything, teething also comes with a whole other list of side effects. One that is most visible is a teething rash. A teething rash can appear when a baby is having an excess amount of drool. It can appear around the mouth, their chin, lips and even all the way down to the neck and chest. It happens when drool runs down the front of their mouth and begins to dry. This causes their skin to get irritated and break out in a rash.

A rash can be a bit scary to a new parent, especially if they are not familiar

with the different types of rashes babies may typically get. It is hard to decipher what type of rash they should be concern about. There are so many things that may cause a rash and they may not necessarily be related to teething. It is important to identify what type of rash your little one may have so that you can best give your baby relief and provide them with a remedy. There are a few things to be to be on alert when you see your child has a rash. If they show any change in behavior or have a fever, this is a big sign that you should bring them in to see a doctor. Viral rashes can appear anywhere on the body and don’t have a pattern but bacterial rashes are usually in a specific location and do follow a pattern. If the rash only appears around the mouth and neck area and you can feel your child’s gums are swollen, chances are you are dealing with a teething rash.

There are several natural teething remedies and relief you can provide for your baby when they do have a teething rash

  • Keep a bib on or close by. A way to combat a teething rash is by wiping the drool right away. While this may be hard to do, especially when it seems like they are drooling constantly, keep a bib on them so that it is easy to have a towel readily available for wiping and for catching the saliva so that a rash doesn’t form on their neck or chest. Many of these rashes are from saliva drying on their skin.
  • Lanolin Cream. You can use lanolin cream on the teething rash to prevent it from getting worse. Lanolin cream is made from the wax in a sheep’s wool. It is organic and can create a good barrier between your baby’s saliva and their skin. Put the ointment on their face every morning and before they go to sleep for the night.
  • Waxelene is not only is it good for a teething rash, but it also helps with diaper rashes, dry skin and relief for being in the sun too. It is known as a petroleum jelly alternative. This natural organic product will help protect and soothe your little one’s skin. It is made from beeswax and natural plant-based oils. It is one of those great products that you will initially buy for your baby but end up using for yourself and all your family members as well.
  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Another great product for teething rash is marketed as an herbal diaper rash cream but it is also a great product to use for teething rash and can protect their skin from flare ups. It is a great blend of antibacterial and anti-fungal organic herbs, Shea butter and essential oils. It will help not only with teething rashes but can also sooth thrush, bug bites, scrapes, chicken pox as well as minor rashes and burns. This product does not contain any lanolin or zinc. This is a great product to keep in your diaper bag and have on hand whenever you need it.

How To Deal with a Teething Rash Naturally and Safely

While this rash is not fun for you and especially for your precious little one, it is nice to know that compared to most rashes this one does not stay around for long. It is easily treated and you can see improvement pretty soon and will be gone in a few weeks. While teething rashes are not very pretty and may look like something very serious, most likely it is not a big deal and is pretty manageable for both a baby and their parent. Remember to be diligent with creams and wiping away their saliva. If you have any doubt that the rash is something more serious, it is better to side with caution and make an appointment with their pediatrician right away.

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