All You Need to Know About Growth, Politics and Tech

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Life begins outside your comfort zone. Remember to do a thing you don’t want to each day. Actually, do things you don’t like as many times as you can. This will build character and make your life better.

Here’s a definitive list of five things that will make your life perfect. Forget everything else.

  1. Get up early.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Read.
  5. And never, ever forget to listen to podcasts in each and any free minutes you have.

A famous person did these (here’s a quote) and now they have a lot of money, so it’s the key to having a lot of money.

Also, money isn’t everything and won’t make you happy, so forget it and look for non-material goods in life.

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Every person who isn’t cisgender, heterosexual, fully able, white AND male is brutally oppressed in ways a thousand times worse than the darkest days of slavery. The oppressors have everything that’s good and their problems don’t count because they make everyone else suffer by merely existing, even if they don’t recognize it. Their every word and action is an explicite or subtle act of oppression, having its roots in millennia of a false sense of supremacy built on others’ suffering.

Everyone should finally recognize that I am a human being in no way different than any other human beings, so I walk the streets with signs that tell everyone how different I am.

I’d give my life to protect democracy. I am a liberal and accept that everyone has their right to think the way they want. Unless they think in a way I don’t like, someone should take voting rights away from these people because they are stupid.

Everything I don’t like and didn’t vote for is bad (especially Donald Trump). There is no place for debate about that, it’s facts. You can’t argue with facts. You have opinions, I have facts.

photo: unsplash, Alex Knight

Also, robots and AI will take our jobs.

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