Cold is not an excuse anymore to go for a walk, specially when waking up to the shinning sun. This time I chose what used to be my living area during my first year in Tallinn (almost 3 years ago), TTÜ.

Located in the end of Mustamäe and bordering with Nõmme, TTÜ is the best university of Estonia (Fighting always with Tartu university in top university rankings). Modern buildings, a library that closes really soon, Innovation center and even lot of Erasmus party animals in the academic hostel.

Another snowy day in Tallinn, another saturday walking around, but this time was a small twist.

We started the Journey in the Church of the ‘Quick to Hearken’ Icon of the Mother of God in Tallinn, could have been shorter name as well…

Rapidly we discovered some little friends that would be with us during the morning, born from the joy and amusement of little kids in snowy days, the Snowmans.

Quietly observing the church, and gathered in the surroundings, probably they are the main attraction for all the kids going to church with their family.

So here I am another week, bringing a 5 picture collection of different areas in Tallinn. This time the morning walk started in Raua and went until Uus sadama. Without going for the obvious pictures those are my chosen 5 pictures to represent diversity of Tallinn one more time:

Wooden houses, a miami style house, modern buildings, abandoned buildings, fancy french shop-bistro. I think is worth to go to TLU or Kadriorg walking from this street rather than by Narva mantee.

My journey continues, to refresh the memory, my goald is to challenge myself to take pictures showing diversity in reduced spaces. This time it was too easy, walking away from old town in any of the directions will lead to something totally different. This time the decision was to cover part of old town and then walk away to Tatari area. Too much pictures to choose, but I managed to sort 5 photos, here we go.

Harju street serves as a bridge between the modern Freedom square (Vabaduse Väljak) and the medieval Town hall square (Raekoja plats), during the walk…

Exactly one year ago I woke up to find out the first proper snow of the season, this year I woke up to found a clear sky and a shinny sun that had been hidden for over two weeks at least now. This represented a great opportunity to start a project that I have had in my head for some time already. Idea is simple:

Draw a circle with a 1km diameter in different points of Tallinn (at least for the moment) and take 4–5 pictures representing the contrasts and richness that Tallinn stands for.For the first experiment, I have…

Kutte is around

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