A journey with snowmans

Another snowy day in Tallinn, another saturday walking around, but this time was a small twist.

We started the Journey in the Church of the ‘Quick to Hearken’ Icon of the Mother of God in Tallinn, could have been shorter name as well…

Rapidly we discovered some little friends that would be with us during the morning, born from the joy and amusement of little kids in snowy days, the Snowmans.

Quietly observing the church, and gathered in the surroundings, probably they are the main attraction for all the kids going to church with their family.

We found all types, some with their families,alone and sad,alone but with a big smile, one for every person alike. Already with a due date, but steady until the sun says so.

In our way to Pirita river, while discussing about politics we cross by lot of people jogging and enjoying the little homes and forest, also we found some surprisingly modern houses.

Another snowman with all the accessories

We arrived to our final destination, Pirita river to find out people contry skiing and little kids enjoying what it looks to be one of the highest mountains in Estonia. A nice and refresing morning walk where even in the end those little and white friends were still with us.