Imagine the weight of 30 cars, 50 people, and a hundred insects all moving along a street. The people are ever changing, the insects live and die ,and the cars come and go. But this street is at a standstill, quietly baring the weight of what seems to be the world on its face. We want to change you, said the people. In 50 years we might even put a mall on top of you. Still the street remains silent. The insects tell thousand year spirituals of when the men in orange hats came and killed millions of their ancestors . The road again listens but says nothing. Cars skate along the street without saying a word, as if the street isn’t important enough for their acknowledgment. But once again the street is speechless. The road angrily blemishes it self. The cars roll over these blemishes and break down. Meanwhile, A homeless man holding a sign on the side of the road sees the broken down cars and walks toward them. Lightly he whispers,” Actions speak louder than words” And in that instance, he looks toward the sky and floats to his destination.

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