Oasis Of Time

I never accepted the reality that life doesn’t stay the same. That people age and change. The same way we were told that we would one day be 18 years old and met that goal with a feeling of awe, at some unknown age we will all succumb to the cycle of life. And begin our journey of exploration beyond life on earth. One day, You, myself, and everyone we have ever known, seen, hugged, kissed, worked for, worked with, prayed for, missed and loved will cease to exist. The memories of the places that we called home will fail to resonate with the people who dwell therein . And after another hundred Years they will also be replaced. What new world powers will exist at this time? Will the United States stand this test of time, or will it fall like the Musa, Roman, and all other Empire in history. The achievements, struggles, and memories of the great 21st Century will exist only on the pages of a Text Book, and measure less than a grain in the sands of time.