Password Sage Beta

Cross-Platform Browser Support

After talking to multiple people who expressed some disappointment that Password Alert was Chrome-only, I have taken the core idea behind password alert and implemented it in a way that runs in Safari, Chrome and Firefox (via WebExtensions). This isn’t a port since I didn’t really want to work with the Google-y codebase that had been open sourced (sorry Drew).

Facebook Support

Beyond just tracking Google credentials the way Password Alert does, Password Sage also tracks Facebook credentials and doesn’t complain if they are the same in the consumer version.

Dynamic Whitelist

To alleviate the issues users face with shared passwords, I have implemented a server-side component that can provide additional context for a given URL to see if it is likely to be a legitimate login URL.

Available in Beta Now

You can find initial releases of the consumer edition:
For Chrome: In the Chrome App Store
For Safari: Signed and Hosted Here while I await App Store Approval

Compatible with Password Alert server

If you’re using Password Alert in your enterprise and would like to deploy a Safari or Firefox version, this implementation is compatible with existing Password Alert servers.


I wanted to get this out as an MVP so that it wasn’t just lying around in Git and to see if people would find my version at all useful, so please let me know what you think. I’ve setup an Idea Gathering/Voting page pre-filled with some of my own thoughts here:



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