How to claim your Bitcoin Gold from or other wallets

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Bitcoin Gold Fork

There isn’t a single week without a new Bitcoin fork. The well known “Satoshi’s vision” (no I’m not getting into arguments) Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC), the GPU mined Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the pinky Bitcore (BTX) and now what Bitcoin GOD?

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Anouncement for Bitcoin GOD

Whatever we don’t care about those Bitcoin clones at all UNLESS they’re worth anything. We’ve all seen Bitcoin Cash go thousands of $$’s and yes I was also one of those who sold their BCH as soon as they’ve airdropped. For those who remedy their impatience we were given another chance: Bitcoin Gold. The new kid in the block has recently found a place in biggest exchanges and is worth around 320$ at the time this article is written. Nothing near the king BTC but… it’s free money … and who knows it’s not the second BCH?

But wait… Do I have Bitcoin Gold? To find out you can use a Bitcoin Gold explorer. Just head to link and search the Bitcoin addresses you have.

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Yes! We have Bitcoin Gold

If you’re using wallet you need to check all addresses used to see if you have any BTGs. To see that head to Settings -> Addresses and click the wallet you’ve used (it’s called “My Bitcoin Wallet” by default). Scroll down and click show next to the “Used Addresses”. Click OK and there you have your old addreses. Now, you can search all the addreses in Bitcoin Gold explorer if you don’t know which address has BTGs. If you’ve found out you have BTGs, let’s recover our wallet.

Recover Your Wallet

To recover your wallet you’ll need our 12-word recovery/backup phrase in

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Find your Recovery Phrase here

Note: Never share your recovery phrase publicly or with third parties! This is like giving your home key to someone you don’t know.

However this applies to any wallet as long as you know how to get your 12-word recovery/backup phrase.

Get Another Wallet

I’ll be using Coinomi Android wallet to transfer my coins. Install the wallet and tap “Restore Wallet”. Next enter the 12-word recovery phrase you’ve found in the previous part and voila! You now have your wallet in Coinomi.

But you’ll see you have 0.0$ balance. We need one more step:

Open the menu and tap “+ Coins”

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Tap “+ Coins”

Now choose BitcoinGold and tap “Advanced Settings”. In the “Derivation Path” type:


Now click “Add” and you have your BTGs!

Next step is to send it to an exchange (just like sending any coin) or HODL for life. If you’ve found it useful please share and give an applause!

Thanks to EZ Peezy for the Youtube tutorial. Also the Coinomi Wallet tutorial explains the process in detail.

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