True Story Of Satoshi Nakamoto — Only Here And Now!

Satoshi Nakamoto is the Father of the first cryptocurrency — Bitcoin. There is a notion that no single person can claim the name Satoshi Nakamoto — on the contrary it is a group of hell-bent-on-anonymity programmers.

The main bitcoin website has this entry in its FAQ: Who created Bitcoin?
It is answered the following way:

The first Bitcoin specification and proof of concept was published in 2009 in a cryptography mailing list by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi left the project in late 2010 without revealing much about himself. The community has since grown exponentially with many developers working on Bitcoin.

Just like current developers, Satoshi’s influence was limited to the changes he made being adopted by others and therefore he did not control Bitcoin. As such, the identity of Bitcoin’s inventor is probably as relevant today as the identity of the person who invented paper.

Too rich for our blood, don’t you think, guys? :-D

If we try to look into the origins of the name we would get something like: “Satoshi” — “clear thinking, quick witted; wise”. “Naka” — “medium, inside; relationship”; “Moto” can be “origin, foundation”.

If you are feeling a little bit off you rocker and your tinfoil hat is a bit too tight today then you can also find some anagrams: 
 — Ma, I took NSA’s oath, 
 — A hook to Satanism, 
 — A Moist Satan Hook, 
 — or my favourite — a moos hit satan KO.

For the last 7 years there were several journalistic investigations into Nakamoto-sama. They (with varying degree of success) have managed to find at least 6 candidates.

An American programmer Hal Finney created reusable proof of work system before bitcoin in January 2009. He was also the first Bitcoin transaction recipient. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014.

Investigation, held in December 2013, pointed in the direction of a reclusive American guy — Nick Szabo. The investigation’s findings were based on the stylometric analysis of Bitcoin’s White Paper; it determined that a well-known University of Washington cryptographer, programmer and blogger was Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Nick has denied the findings evidence. Although if Nakamoto had chosen to remain anonymous, that is exactly what he would have done — plead the fifth. :-D

In early March 2014 a journalist from Newsweek published the results of her two-month investigation — a photo of the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the 64-year-old programmer, living in a small California town. As a matter of fact his full name turned out to be Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. He had denied all the speculations and even called the police — that journalist must have looked pretty queer!

He has also been named the sibling of the true Nakamoto…

December 2015 got into Bitcoin history when Craig Steven Wright, a programmer from Australia came out as a Satoshi. In proof of his identity he provided digital signatures with cryptographic keys he supposedly created for first bitcoin transfers in 2009. 
 It has been reported that the Australian police conducted a search of Wright’s home in connection with his accusation of tax evasion. He explained the decision to come out as true Satoshi as he grew tired of all the speculations, which had been released in Internet, so he decided to put an end to it all. However, programmers and technicians exposed Steven Wright as a fake after analyzing his evidence. His “proof” could have been created by any advanced user; it was based on public data from Bitcoin blockchain. After the exposure ex-Satoshi removed all the evidence from his personal blog!

In early 2016 some hardcore blockchain devotees spotter another Satoshi — a Polish programmer Pawel Pszona. In 2007 he wrote an article Unlinkable Divisible Digital Cash without Trusted Third Party…
In the list of references there were two names… Nakanishi and Okamoto… Eureka! Amalgamation of those two last names can give you a Nakamoto! 
 However, Pawel Pszona and his scientific adviser Grzegorz Stachowiak decided not to take credit for others’ achievements, but simply said that they have nothing do with Bitcoin creation and the article was about completely different digital money.

This year’s contender to the title of Supreme Satoshi is some American guy living in Bali, Indonesia, who suddenly surfaced on under the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto and started answering different questions.

This new Satoshi wrote about himself: 
 “I am very real, however, everyone who is supposed to be me — isn’t! I am so far removed from that ‘so called’ eligibility list that it would be impossible to guess who I am.”

He also mentioned that he is not Craig Wright and added: 
 “Craig Wright was nothing more than a mathematician and computer scientist that assisted in correcting a single typo in the ‘Calculations’ subsection of my original White paper”, the new Satoshi recalled. “He did not author or co-author any part of ‘Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system’.”

There is a photo from his driver’s license: asked the latter-day Nakamoto to sign his message with the private key PGP 2010 or send some of the earliest bitcoins as a proof of identity. You gonna laugh but Nakamoto-sama answered: “I can’t sign any messages because my old email ( was highjacked a number of years ago. It contained my only backup of all my private keys”…

Anyways… turns out you can hack even some demigod like Satoshi :-D

Perhaps this is not the last time we have heard from Satoshi Nakamoto. I keep abreast of world affairs and will share the new contenders with my devoted readers!

Author: Dickinson-Junior