Women can

In this advertisement made by American eagle, two women are presented wearing their clothing. They look confident and strong and like role models. Next to their pictures is a quote from each one of them with a positive message towards the audience of this add. The camera is placed at eye level to show the audience that these women are just like them and they represent them. Natural colors are being used so the ad can make people think about the ad rather then play on their emotions. This ad is effective in using need for guidance, because it presents the women as equals to the audience with dreams of success and independence.

Clothing and style is in everyone’s life. Everyone has a different unique style what defines them and is apart of their personality. The women in the add are portrayed as strong characters who are whiling to aspire for more and go against social standards and be strong. This is reflected in their unique different outfits. The add does a great job of advertising and promoting women to buy their clothes as an alternative and way to express their personality. It shows that feeling comfortable in their clothes will make girls more whiling to be brave and not afraid to express themselves. Shows that being free to chose from their different variety of clothes will open new doors to new and exciting sides of their personalities. The advertisement connects their clothes and affiliates them with strength, creativity, bravery, happiness, and independence from societal standards of being submissive.

One demographic that this advertisement targets is women, preferably in their early twenties. Usually for most people your early twenties is a time to explore life as an independent individual and find out who you are and who u want to be and what you want to do in life. By saying the phrases. “ I can be heard” and “ I can create my future” the ad empowers women to take charge of heir lives and be independent, strong, and creative. It gives women strength and an opportunity to express themselves in a new and bold way.

In conclusion, this ad portrays women in a positive light and empowers them. It is important in today’s world to empower girls and young women to take charge of their lives especially as they are constantly and daily bombarded with objectifying and negative advertisement that create unrealistic ecxpectations and standards for them. And one way for them to be able to express themselves and who they truly are is by choosing comfortable and creative clothing.