KVANTOR’s offer to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

Esteemed Julian and Edward,

We at KVANTOR admire your struggle for freedom and would be happy to join our efforts with you.

We offer you to become ambassadors of our project and represent it in Russia and internationally.

You are the people who understand the veritable value of freedom and have the willpower to fight for it in our time of “Internet passport”, sanctions and unjustified blocking of accounts. You are ones of the few who could defend the real values.

We totally support you in your struggle. The idea of freedom is the Base of our company. We want to save the world from the Big brother’s eye. We want to make the world unified, equitable and convenient for all.

We understand all the risks involved and know that there is a hard way ahead of us. But we made our choice. Like you did once. We are ready to provide you with an around-the-clock security and an annual salary of 1 million USD (which is yet to include bonuses).

We hope that you will accept our offer and will get in touch with us.

Yours faithfully,