Heneral Luna Critique Paper

Heneral Luna a film depicting General Antonio Luna’s leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War.

The filmmaker wanted to show the love of Filipinos to their families, but how can they continue to care for their families if their home is being attacked? To fight and to love for the country is like fighting and loving for their families. As I saw the film, the determination of our general, Antonio Luna, to commit freedom for the country inspired many Filipinos on how he handled his and the country’s difficult situation. There are heart breaking scenes that conveys Hen. Luna’s stronger enemy than the American army, his fellow countrymen. Heneral Luna once said “ Our greatest enemy is ourselves”.Instead of the determination and cooperation of Filipinos to commit freedom worsen because of ourselves. The film was a kind of art to inspire and to give importance to those brave Filipinos who risk their lives for the country, especially to Heneral Luna who prioritized first his country rather than himself. Another art was represent in the film is Spolarium, in the scene that Heneral Luna was killed by his fellow Filipinos. After watching this film, had a huge impact for me as a Filipino. I just wondered, how they can do this to Heneral Luna who just want this country to be free from the Americans and to protect our motherland? How they can have a time to fight with their fellow countrymen even if their country is in a very difficult situation? Disappointing to know this unbelievable situation. After we kill our own hero, Heneral Luna’s plans and determination for the country was destroyed. Joven Hernandez Jr. serves as an eye opener for all of us to see what is going on between the Philippine Army and the American Army and between Heneral Luna and the government before. He wants us to know the truth on what happened, on how we loss the fight and to know what we should fight for. He encouraged us to be like Heneral Luna who has the determination to protect and to fight for the country. Lastly, to give honor to those brave Filipino heroes especially to Heneral Luna.