The Inspiration: I Hear Your Heart

I Hear Your Heart was inspired by my experience dealing with depression and love simultaneously. They’re two opposing emotions but are congruent in magnitude. In the midst of it, it feels as if both emotions are pulling you apart from both ends.

A few years back, a close friend was in a rough patch. I would see them sleeping away their days, talking to no one. I really cared about them and I tried everything to make their problems go away. I tried to brute force a path to happiness for them but that wasn’t the solution. It wasn’t even what they wanted. I remember them saying. “I’m not looking for you to solve my problems. I just want to feel less alone. I just want to have a good time again, doing the mundane things.”

In some ways, this generation underemphasizes the power of human connection. I see people walk into the office. There are people who sit and eat at their desk without muttering a word. 5pm rolls around and they head home. There are others who value net worth, achievements and work above quality time with others.

I know the mindset because that was me in college. I was completely wrong in every single way. The greatest memories will never come from work and merit-based achievements. When I lie on my deathbed I’ll remember the time I took tequila shots with random strangers, whom eventually became my best friends. I’ll remember the Uber driver who pulled over to have a heart to heart with me. I’ll remember the time I got shoved into traffic by some drunk women (luckily I was saved). The most memorable memories are the ones that are shared.

The guiding vision to this song is vulnerability and realism. I wanted everything in the song to drive this vision home. All the lyrics in “I Hear Heart” are derived from actual dialog I’ve had between people and this is what makes the song so real to me and I hope it comes off that way to you.