Friday the 13th (5/13/2016)

This is a date I’ll never forget as it changed my life significantly. After having an ultrasound for an unrelated symptom and a CT to follow up the accidental finding I find myself waiting on my urologist to come in.

I was filled with emotions and those 5 minutes felt eternal as I couldn’t believe this was happening. I have taken a great importance during the past 5 years to live a healthy life and to stay active. I kept asking myself “why me?”, I was still feeling hopeful that Dr. K was going to come in and clarify that all this was a mistake, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Dr. K came in introduced himself and was very personable towards me. He confirmed what I was dreading to hear and gave me a diagnosis: “Stage 1 Cancer”, he said. My heart sank and felt like I was inside a horrible nightmare. Dr. K said the mass was 5 cm and seemed like it was just localized in the center body of my left kidney. The only treatment was to remove the tumor along with my left kidney. I was speechless and when Dr. K asked if I had questions I was speechless. He said the most important thing was that we discovered it at an early stage and that over 90% of people are cancer free after the nephrectomy. Now I was dreading to to inform my family and friends and accepting my diagnosis.

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