Give it a chance! — Crovento

The power of an idea

All historic events started with an idea that needed dedication, some luck and lots of support by like-minded people.

Martin L. King believed in the idea that “all men are created equal”. He shared his ideas and believes with like-minded people who joined him to make the history. Larry Harvey and Jerry James started with the idea of “10 principles of Burning Man” to foster self-expression that turned into global phenomena.

The idea is you, the experience is all of us

That is why Crovento believes that every experience idea has to get its chance — to bring people together, make them feel part of the community, welcomed, and happy.

It’s important to give every experience idea a chance

We live in Experience Economy times when people prefer to experience life, meet others, learn something new, expand their horizons and make memories instead of just buying things. We truly believe that every person should have a chance to make their ideas real: organise a seafood cooking class on a boat, a concert that involves all the participants, an anime fans festival in woods, yoga brunch party on a floating garden, or a simple friends gathering.

It is important because what we do is who we are. As Homo Sapiens we tend to live in communities, share common interests, take care of each other and feel free (sometimes even fight for it). For thousands of years, people used to gather together, learn, share their ideas, simply have fun, and create memories.

The death

People around you define who you are and you define your tribe

There are so many places that we visited with friends, events that we attended and things that I experienced with like-minded people. I always had so many ideas of what I would like to do and experience together with my tribe. But just a very few experiences I actually organised myself. So many great ideas just died.

“Can you imagine how many great ideas just die because they never get their chance?”

Some time ago I was talking to my friend about all the things that we like to do. I told her about my “perfect experience idea” where people would learn how to make art of various forms, play electronic, hip-hop, and rock music, and listen to inspiring speakers that made a change in their fields. Simply meet like-minded people and express ourselves. I didn’t want to sell it to people but make everyone a part of the “happening”.

Also, reality punched me right in the face when I started thinking about practical things — where will I get a budget to organise everything? Will enough people come and support the idea? Is this even a good idea? I remember looking at her and saying “Can you imagine how many great ideas just die because they never get their chance?” — this moment was the birth of Crovento.

When we have a beautiful experience idea we want others to join us and make it special. It really got stuck in my head — giving a chance to every experience idea by making everyone a part of the happening. It’s like you put a seed in soil and when everyone starts to water it beautiful things grow after a while.

The birth

I knew that the pain is real and immediately got excited about finding the solution. After multiple brainstorm sessions, workshops and more research the solution was created. To put it simply — crowdfunding for events. Little did I know that in reality, it’s a very complicated process that includes escrow financial transactions, ID verification, time and place sensitive CRM, platform development, licensing… and everything is meant for event organizers only. But for the user, it has to be super simple.

Obviously, I needed a partner who would help the team to build the solution. It took months to find a person who got the idea of giving every event idea chance, why it’s important and how it will shape the behaviour of organizers. Paulius got it. Immediately. He joined as a CTO & co-founder. Yes, Paulius & Paulius. The idea of giving every event idea a chance to come to life caught the team like a storm. It became every day’s moto and the driver that keeps Crovento going.

Every single person is a creator, a nerd, a rebel, an outcast, a weirdo (be one!), an opinion maker, and should have an opportunity to realize his/her ideas. Realize himself/herself.

It became so real when creative people started working with Crovento to bring their experience ideas in London, Stockholm, Bogota, Vilnius and Oslo.

Be brave. Be bold.