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Things to consider when deciding how flexible your design system should be

Chris Coyier, the author of CSS Tricks and Codepen, recently published “Who are design systems for?”, in which he talks about the audiences for different open-source design systems.

In the article he discusses design system customizability and the role it plays in how usable a design system is for non-company use. He concludes that design systems have different levels of customization — ranging from “not at all” to giving people broad control of how they apply styles (or “BYO Theme” as he calls it).

I want to dive into this “customization spectrum”: the different options, the audiences they cater to…

5 aliases and functions you can start using today

I spend a good amount of time — arguably too much — working my dotfiles. Ever since I discovered the power of dotfiles, I’ve been intrigued with how they allowed me to speed up almost anything I do on my Macbook.

Every time I feel a process could be sped up, I automate it. As my collection grew, I started wondering what aliases and functions I use the most and how much I use them.

I discovered that I could dive in to my command history using the history command. …

A simple guide to getting started with dotfiles

I’ve always had a passion for speeding up my own workflows. I’m a logical thinker so any repeating process that I have to do manually multiple times a day just doesn’t make sense to me. If you have to repeat some task multiple times throughout the day, why not automate it?

When I got into programming, things like Git weren’t a thing yet. It wasn’t until I started working with Git and task runners like Grunt (remember Grunt?) that I started using the Terminal. …

Are you trying to use CSS Modules with Typescript? If you’re reading this article, you probably are. And you’ve probably discovered that when using CSS Modules with TypeScript, your styles need type definitions.

Option 1: Defining all styles as type “any”.

The easiest way by far is to create a type definition that will apply to all .scss files. The following will define an “any” type for all your scss styles. Just add the file to your code folder and voila!

Option 2: Automatically generating types for your styles.

Note: At this point in time I don’t see any added advantage to doing this but this is how I used to do it before I…

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