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I finished at Fullstack Academy in December 2018 and was on a peculiar journey upon graduating. …

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Applications take a long time to write. Unit testing is like the 1000 word extra credit essay offered within a grueling exam. You don’t know how long it’ll take to make it through this exam, so why would you even entertain writing this essay. This could be true if this essay question was on a completely isolated and unrelated topic to the rest of the exam.

What if I told you that unit testing actually solves many of the problems that you have yet to encounter? What if I told you that front-loading the additional time with Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development could actually reduce the overall amount of time it takes to write your application? …

As I devoured the dismal chronological documentation in this mammoth of a story, I somehow knew that my story was intertwined with Marie’s story — intertwined with the story of every other second-generation Chinese American whose parents grew up in the tumultuous times of 1950s-1990s China. As my eyes scaled the words, I was transported into the past, seeing the world of late 20th century China unfurl through the eyes of Marie’s parents. …


Kevin Hu

Multidisciplinary Writer and Software Developer. Topics include faith, theology, the Asian American story, peppered with Javascript. CHI-native/BK-based.

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