Mindset is 90%?

Be advised the title in this article was chosen randomly at a random moment. Now let us begin:

Vince Lombardi once said,

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

In my experience hard work and effort have been crucial to success, but the underlying ingredient, rather the “x” factor, is mindset. Mindset determines success, level of success, and duration of success. I can certainly attribute mindset to personal achievements and disappointments, like the time I ran my best high school cross country race due to coach’s “mindset improvement” sessions days before the race, or the time I failed to complete a 90-day workout routine and eventually gained 40+ pounds.

I wish to evaluate my current position of mindset and attitude with this inaugural post. More than anything, I’m displeased this is even a weakness, that my attitude is a source of weakness, that friends and family may or may not be able to see this weakness, that weakness can be found in my character. I would prefer to have no such weakness, to have an unrelenting, tenacious mindset, where anything can be accomplished should I decide to pursue something. This weakness must be attended to because the current trajectory is beyond unacceptable.

I want to realize lasting transformation. The basis for this change must then be rooted in Jesus Christ; my attitude must be rooted in an abiding relationship with Christ, as described in John 15. Mindset should not be derived from self but from something greater than self, an ideal or a person who drives me to persevere despite hardships or obstacles. This ideal, in my case, is Jesus Christ. With this foundation in place, I believe a lasting transformation can be realized.

Closing disclaimer: Additional thoughts may or may not be posted in coming days, week, and possibly multiple weeks!

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