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What is Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is PTC + Traffic Exchange + Revenue Sharing site. It is one of the high paying PTC sites which is paying at the moment. Some people think it is a Ponzi site, but it we think it is not because if it has been Ponzi then it should have been shutdown already by concerned authorities because it is online from more than one year. Its sister site Adhitprofits is also almost with same business model and that is online from more than 2 years. So, if concerned authorities think it is Ponzi site, then they should have shut it down by now. More than that, Ponzi are those sites where people invest money only to earn back money and they get paid from investment of other members after them. There won't be any product to sell for that investment. But in case of Traffic Monsoon and Adhitprofits, those who invest money will get back advertisement credits instantly to advertise their website/referral links. So, people here is not only invest to earn back money, but they are using their investment to advertise their products. Traffic Monsoon doesn't only sell those Adpacks from where members can earn back 10% profit, but it is also selling banner ads, credit ads, cashlinks ads from which it is generating good profit and generating revenue. Once it generate revenue, it will share that to those who have invest in Adpacks. If they didn't generate revenue for today, they will not share anything to their members for that day who are on sharing position. So, they are only sharing when they are earning.

More than that, even it is not necessary to invest in TrafficMonsoon in order to earn money. You can simply work as free user and earn from viewing Cashlinks without investment. You can refer your friends and tell them also not to invest and only view ads, then they will also earn as free user and you will also earn 100% commissions from their each click value. So, without investment also you can earn in TrafficMonsoon.

1. Paid to Click and Traffic Exchange:-

This is best option for those who want to work as free member in Traffic Monsoon. Free members can get 10 and even more cash links ads (PTC ads), each worth from $0.01 to $0.02. So, free members can earn upto $0.1 per day just by clicking 10 cash links ads which take total 5-10 minutes within Traffic Monsoon. Throughout the day, you can get those cash links anytime. Sometime you will not find any cash links. But you no need to worry about it. Just, keep on checking Traffic Monsoon’s account 2-3 times a day in order to find those cash links so that you can click as many PTC ads as you can.

Traffic Exchange Ads in Traffic Monsoon

If you want to advertise your website free in Traffic Monsoon, then view the traffic exchange ads by clicking “Start Surfing” button. As free member, you will get 1 credit for 2 traffic exchange advertisement views in Traffic Monsoon. Those credits you can use to advertise your own website or referral's link. (Free advertising)

2. Revenue sharing:-
This is the way to earn in Traffic Monsoon by investing money in the program. In order to do so, you have to buy an “Adpack” costs $50 which gives 1,000 ad credits plus 20 guaranteed banner clicks.

Revenue Sharing in Traffic Monsoon

But you can buy same amount of credits in cheaper price within Traffic Monsoon. 1,000 ad credits are available at $5.95 and 20 banner clicks are available at $5. So, you must be clear that you are purchasing an Adpack at $50 from which we can get $10.95 worth of advertising.
So, what is the point of paying $39.05 more for Adpack than the advertising value?
This is the real twist and this is what makes Traffic Monsoon program unique and stable. It is because when you purchase Adpacks, it will unlock a sharing position in your account. When you unlock the sharing position, you will earn money hourly from the revenues generated on Traffic Monsoon because Traffic Monsoon will share its revenue between the members who unlock the sharing positions. Each of the sharing position will earn you money until you earn back 110% ($55) on it. Means if you invest $50 in Adpack, then you will get back $55, so at the end you will get free advertising and even will earn money from it.

So, every time you earn back your money, you can either cashout so your ad credits will have been free at the end, or you can repurchase new adpacks without adding any fresh funds from your processor.
The current daily earnings average per adpack is $1 which may be increase if Traffic Monsoon can generate more profit in the future. It means you get back $55 in 55 days from your $50 investment. So, like this every $50 you purchase, you will get back $55 in around 55 days. Which means you will earn $5 in around 55 days. So, if you can take much more risk, then you can invest in as many ad packs as you like.
Best Strategy only if you can take risk: Invest $500 to buy 10 ad packs in Traffic Monsoon from which you can earn (10X5= $50) pure profit in around 55 days. So, after that 55 days, you can just can use that $550 and can buy 11 ad packs which will increase your profit and you can earn $55 after another 55 days. Like this keep on increasing ad packs till you satisfy from your every 55 days earnings. For example:- If you want to earn $100 regularly around every 45 to 55 days, then keep on buying new ads packs from earning till you make total 20 ad packs sharing postions. Like this you can keep on increase your earnings. If you start from low investment, it takes time to rise. If you invest high amount, then it is risky. So, only invest that much amount in Traffic Monsoon which you can afford to lose. Also remember that you are investing in Adpacks not only to earn, but to advertise your website as well.
Based on that current earning statistic, one adpack purchase could mature 6 times in a year. You could buy an adpack, get your money back in 55 days, then buy a new one, etc., 6 times in a year. (6 x 55 days = 330 days). So by following this strategy, you will get continuous stream of traffic to your websites from only 1 initial purchase and also will keep on earning as well.
But, this return time will be up or down according to the profit made by Traffic Monsson. If it generates more profit, you will get return more fast, if it generate less profit, you will get return slow. This is the another plus point of Traffic Monsoon in order to make system stable because they return back investment to their members when they make profit from it.
3. 100% Referral Commissions
You can earn 100% commission from your referral click. Like we tell you before, you can earn upto $0.1 as free member daily in Traffic Monsoon. So, if your referral also click as you, then he will also earn $0.1 and you will also get $0.1. Means, if you have one referral and if you can click all ads, and your referral click all ads, then you can earn upto $0.2 per day. Like this if you can make 10 referrals, then from your own click and from your referral's click, you can earn upto $1.1 daily.

Referrals in Traffic Monsoon

Not only that, you'll earn 10% commissions on all purchases that your referral made. For example, if your one referral buy $50 Adpack, then instantly you will earn $5.

But, in order to qualify earnings from your referral click, you should surf at least 10 traffic exchange ads everyday, otherwise you will not earn from your referral the day you miss to surf 10 traffic exchange ads.
You can refer as many people as you can. So, in this way you can increase your earnings in Traffic Monsoon and will start to earn good amount.

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