Frank Ocean released Blonde the album instead

Well, soon as I woke up to check my Twitter, I see that Frank Ocean release an album titled Blonde (or is it Blond like the album cover?). I was still in a daze so I decided to take care of myself first and made a cup of coffee before I get into this. It was basically what you expected and it is definitely not Channel ORANGE.

Blonde is a beautiful collection of tunes that we would come to expect. It also comes with a list of amazing contributors from Kanye West to Beyoncé because Frank has that power. Not much to say about the music in Blond. I’m just glad it is out and it is beautiful. And Blonde > Channel ORANGE for me.

But my question is, where is Endless the album? It can’t just be a visual album only right? Right? Otherwise I would have to pirate download the MP3 version of Endless y’know that right?

I also see these Boys Don’t Cry packaging fans copped from the four pop-up stores. Are these collector’s item? What about us here in Asia? Will I be able to get one of those? I want to be able to experience this new Frank Ocean release in its entirely from the art to the album credits. I mean, there is a Frank Ocean magazine/book in there! Fat chance, I would say.

I am legit confused by the way he is releasing these new music. Life is already so complicated, so why is Frank making it so complicated for us too? Or is there something I am missing out on? Why can’t Endless and Blonde be ONE double album? Help me understand.

Do I sound like an old man yet?