On the Topic of Commuting

Game Plan

I performed a 10 by 10 ideation exercise on the topic of commuting. I first created 10 sketches on a few ideas I had about commuting. Then the latter 10 sketches were based off of one selected idea. Throughout this process of Ideation, I focused on items we use while commuting, problems we face during travel, and the many different forms of commuting we experience. I drew most of my experiences off of my personal experience with travel, and what I had observed during specific instances of commuting. I also thought about many forms of transportation.

These are two examples of my first set of 10 sketches. I thought about items we use while commuting and commuting itself.

Reflect On It

I found this process difficult to initiate. While I was starting my sketches, I found it difficult to think of the first idea. After a few attempts at beginning, I tried timing myself. I set a timer for 20 minutes; to complete 10 sketches. Under these time restraints I found that I could quickly think of ideas, since I didn’t have to wait and think of the “best idea” for my first sketch. I was surprised by my need for time constraints, and my ability to actually produce a few interesting ideas. I also found it useful to reuse certain aspects of previous sketches in my next idea. For example when I was creating an idea surrounding the luggage we use while commuting, I replaced an aspect from my prior idea, to generate my next idea.

What Did You Learn About How YOU Sketch/Think?

Throughout this process I found that I can quickly generate ideas, when I reflect on my past experiences. Within this exercise, I thought about my time spent in airports, airplanes, cars, and even my time spent walking! I found myself constantly looking back to my everyday experiences for guidance. I also was surprised by how much I remembered from my previous experiences traveling. I also noticed that when I encounter one idea, I’ll keep it in the back of my mind and constantly think of new modifications for it, while moving on to the next idea.

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