Today I’ve unwrapped an Austrohaus Freewrite. Half a year ago I was feeling a bit overworked. I’m privileged in that I love my work a lot — so much that if I don’t restrain myself it can eclipse the private life. As a result I was looking for new hobbies. Hobbies that wouldn’t involve computers so much. At the same time, I enjoy myself the most when I’m doing something useful.

I thought I’d really enjoy writing more. However, sitting behind a laptop it’s easy to fall into the trap of checking email, Slack, or doing plain old research. Before you know it you’re lost on Wikipedia or Facebook. Those activities have their time and place, but I didn’t want them leaking into my hobby. …

TLDR: The world is moving from Gulp and Grunt towards npm scripts. This seems like a place we could stay for a longer time. …

As time progresses, we share ever larger media files from our phones and desktops. More than often, however, complications arise during this process. Whether it is through servers misbehaving or mobile users switching to a WiFi connection, the outcome is the same: ‘upload interrupted’.

This is by itself a negative user experience, but it becomes even worse when it happens in the middle of a 2GB upload on a slow connection. …

Kevin van Zonneveld

open source addict trying to bootstrap a business around @tus_io, @uppy_io, and a few other projects. 🤖⏯🐶

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