Happy Birthday Mom

You would have turned 57 today. Everyone on Facebook would have celebrated your birthday. Dad is very obsessed with Facebook now. A lot has happened since you left. I graduated college, I’m vegetarian again, I co-authored a paper in a prestigeous journal, and a friend and I sold a company. I moved to San Francisco, made new friends, and met up with some old ones. It’s too bad you left before I could figure out what “孝順” meant. It’s too bad that you weren’t here to celebrate life with me, but I think you knew I’d be ok.

A few weeks ago I flew back to Taiwan; it was the first time without you next to me. I remember when I was a chubby little kid, I’d always want to eat that bowl ramen that you’d thoughtfully bring onto the plane with you. It would always be between those two meals during the time when we were supposed to sleep. Then, I’d complain and be oboxious about the long flight, but you’d distract me and we’d play cards. I wish you could have came to see it with me. You would have marveled at how Taiwan has changed and been so proud. I know how patriotic you were.

I think I’ve gotten used to the fact that you’re not here anymore. But maybe, I’ve just gotten used to how I’ll never get used to it.

Happy birthday, Mom.

XKCD, Dark Flow

Originally published at kevinformatics.com on 2013–12–12.

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