What stops people from moving freely?… to put it simply, it is other people. If it were not for these other people standing in the way with their weapons, anyone could go wherever they wished. All too often, we imagine these gatekeepers as heroes rather than criminals. We enjoy thinking of them as our brave protectors who are keeping out the enemy. We may not know who that enemy is but it doesn’t matter. We just know there is one.

What does this enemy look like to you? Does it have a scary face and supernatural powers? Does it have a bomb strapped to its chest and an unnatural tolerance for pain? Is its single goal in life to cause you harm; to ruin your country?

The gatekeepers at Idomeni, Greece know what our enemies look like as they patrol their borders. They look like small children… they look like crying babies. They look like desperate people who just want to be safe. Either these monsters are doing a wonderful job at pretending to be average people, or we’ve been living a lie. A lie that says we’re the innocent ones who need protection from evil, when in reality, it is exactly the opposite.

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Originally published at on April 10, 2016.

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