A farewell letter to my missing Bose QC35

Wow, the world is noisy! Those were the words I said whenever I took off my QC35.

I purchased the Bose QC35 headphones as a selfish act of splurging on something I would class as too expensive. I am one of those guys who doesn’t want anything for their birthday or Christmas because the chances are, everything I want I have already purchased. I don’t want friends and family buying me something I have discounted for its faults either in its design, software or basic usability and practicality.

Case in point; if you ask for an android tablet, you usually have one in mind. You don’t just want any tablet with android. I’ve seen too many tablets that are just disappointing and only kids will happily use it without listing all the flaws from slow boot time to huge bezels.

The Purchase
I am a man who enjoys his peace and quiet. After watching several online reviews, the Bose QC35s were classed as the best noise cancelling headphones money could buy and I was sold. I put down my money and purchased one in black.

This was easily one of the best things I had purchased and was proud to own it. The sound quality was great and the noise cancelling really silenced the world. The only negative feelings I had towards it was how boring the design was. An all black design. Whenever I saw others wearing one, that was the only thing that came to mind so decided to change that. After some google search, I landed on Xtreme Skins which is God sent and provided me with exactly what I was looking for. The options for customising the headphones were countless.

After a week of playing with several designs and imaging them in real life, I landed on the image at the top and could not be happier. It added a bit of personality to the headphones but it was not in your face and at times matched my brown jacket I wore to work. For several months, I enjoyed my headphones. Great for silencing all the office noise and focusing on work and for my morning meditation when I wanted the world to be even quieter. This love relationship soon came to an end on that faithful day.

The Faithful Day
It was a Thursday 20th April and as far as I knew, a normal day. Got ready for work, had my breakfast and headed for the hallway where I hanged my jacket and kept my work bag the previous day. Where is my bag I asked myself. My first thought was someone might have moved it. I looked in the hall and the dining area and still nothing. That’s when I realised my work bag and work jacket had be stolen overnight.

My work bag contained my laptop, iPad, kindle and headphones. The feeling was unbearable. A sense of violation and despair. Had no option but to call the Police and report the incident. Looks like they found a way to pick our locks in the night. I was shaken up by the experience but wasn’t going to cower in my own home. This gave rise to more security around the home; the basic of which was a chain lock for the door.

The Aftermath
I have since been issued with a new laptop for work and purchased a new kindle for reading on my commute. Still paying off my 2017 iPad which I bought the previous month and don’t plan to purchase another one until it’s all paid off. All my devices were password protected so confident they were as secure as they could be and the person who took it will have a frustrating time with them.

The only one without any lock was the headphones. It can easily be paired with another device and that’s the bit that really hurts. The first few days after was really hard when I went out. I couldn’t really look into people’s eyes because I knew someone had stolen from me. A sense of betrayal by another human being.

The Hunt
I spent the days after looking on Gumtree, eBay and pawn shops in hopes that someone would be silly enough to sell off my customised headphones. A few weeks have passed and I have decided to give up with the search as it causes me emotion distress whenever I start an online hunt and find nothing. The one thing I am grateful for is that, only material things were stolen. The fact that they were lucky to find what they deem valuable at the entrance of the house prevented them from exploring the house further where my family were.

Things could have been really bad. All the things I have lost are replaceable. My laptop was replaced with a higher end model so do not miss my old one. Purchased the same kindle with the same case so it feels as if it never went anywhere. I plan to change the customisation option on my Bose QC35 after I have healed enough and decide to put down big bucks for a new one.

The feeling of being burgled leaves you very vulnerable. You always have to do a double take to ensure you are not being targeted. In an odd way, its made my family more security minded and we have improved the locks around the home.

One tip I’ve give to anyone who is buying a device like an iPad that offers engraving is; write your name and contact details on it. That way, you have an opportunity of recovery if found by the police or a good stranger. Also, password protect all your devices, even your Kindle because you never know.

If by some odd coincidence you find the above headphones somewhere online, do let me know.

The world is all of the sudden noisy again. Good bye my Bose QC35. 
Until we meet again.
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