Behind reality of reality TV show: Kitchen Nightmares

Welcome to my blog, this is my first time writing blog and I am really excited to write this even though I am not an expert in writing. I will be discussing severals of topics that I felt interesting. I hope all of you would enjoy and fascinate to explore with me. For the past few weeks, I went online to Youtube to find interesting videos to watch. Then, I found out videos from Gordon Ramsay one of the most famous celebrity,chef, restaurateur and television personality in Britain. When I watch Gordon Ramsay TV show, I pop-up with several of questions. One how many percent does a reality TV show is showing reality? When the program schedule to go to one of the restaurants, do they set up any plans for the reality show to be over dramatic. Personally, I enjoy watching Kitchen nightmare and I think this show is useful for business startup who is reality passionate and plan to run a business restaurant.

Background information about this American TV show, the series will broadcast on Fox network, which in the show Gordon Ramsay the Chef is invited by owners of a restaurants to spend a week observing the problems of why the resturant is failling, so that at the end Gordon Ramsay attempt to revive the business to a success.

Kitchen nightmare explains well with the concept of post modernist, because this reality show reveals the working condition of what is inside or hidden in the kitchen’s restaurant? Seems like every scenes that happening in the restaurant will happen in real-life. Basically, post modernist explains that media present about reality in a way that nearest to reality, however in real-life issue it might have a slight of differences. Which at the end audience who consume media might not notice the differnces of reality in media and reality in real life as stimulating hyperreality. Therefore, users who watch media should distinguish the images that happening in the reality TV show and real-life reality. For instance, one case that Gordon Ramsay have successfully revive the restaurant is Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack from season two episode three. Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack restaurant who owns by Charita, suffered with huge amount of debts that is mounting in each week. The part time cooker who have role as the head Chef did not do much of his duty and the cooking is rather done by the owner. Charita choose to hire few employees so that she could reduce the cost of expense. Surprisingly, when Gordon Ramsay went there he manage to clear out his plate of eating Catfish Gouji as the starter menu, which normally in Kitchen nightmare’s history most restaurant that Gordon Ramsay went was not satisfying with the food taste and he never clear his plate. This restaurant did not have problems with the taste of food however their main problems is about managing work. Charita, the owner tries to prepared and cooked the food in advance before opening the shop, moreover the only part time worker who works there seems to be overly comfortable that he comes to work in the restaurant at any time that he prefer. The next day Gordon Ramsay come to the restuarant again to closely observe how the inside kitchen of the restaurants normally work. Gordon Ramsay watches the first service and notice immediately that the chef is reheating food and just plating it, while Charita was trying to do every work. The next day Gordon Ramsay come to the resturant to solve the issue that this restaurant have. Gordon remove Charita out of the kitchen and told her to be at the front desk as the host. Then, Gordon Ramsay advice the head chef of what to do and manage the work to be systematic. Plus, Gordon Ramsay advice Charita to toughen up on her staff on setting new rules, all staff should come on time before the restaurant open time. Thoughout that evening Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack restaurant was achieving a success, many people come to the restaurant follow from the leaflets that Gordon and Charita give out the day before. In that everning Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack restaurant earn over £1000.

At the end, from the audience perspective running a business restaurant seems to be easy the way how this TV show represents. It is like, after Gordom Ramsay visit Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack restaurant it was suddenly a success. In reality, is it possible for a local decent restaurant to be success without the TV show filming. Therefore, is the reality TV show reflecting the reality of a person running a business restaurant? This is why, I refer to the first question that I have in mind from the beginning. How many percent does a reality TV show is showing reality? Furthermore, this episode of Kitchen nightmare at the end Gordom Ramsay manage to revive the restaurant to a success. Unfortunately, the actual truth and reality that audience did not notice about what is happening after kitchen nightmares program is that Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack restaurant has now been closed. When profoundly research, I realize from reading the article that this restaurant have close since 2009 with large debts and administrator were call. Carefully reflecting would a reality TV show reveals the image of unsuccessful endings of Gordon Ramsay not be able to help Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack restaurant. Hence, at the end media is the one that choose on how to represent what the whole reality should be like and controls how we view reality in a way that media want it to be. We audience, as media users will have narrow mind of reality if we choose to consume information only in media even though those information that presented out might be slightly different from the actual reality. Or it might be another case that what media is represents is the reality, but not representing the whole angles of reality. There is no original of truth when it comes to media in post modernist point of view. Media is part of people’s entertainment, in which people should keep their minds open when hear or heard any information via media. Do not always trust and rely on media but rather think critically that what are the fundamental purpose of TV shows in general is trying to give to audience?