Let’s analyze Beauty & the Beast:)

Welcome to my second blog, this time I will discuss about disney princess fairy tale of all time Beauty & the Beast in a connection to post modernism concept. First of all, Beauty & the Beast movie 2017 is strongly a remake because the plot itself has been recycle from the original version of a french novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve work The young American and Marine Tales in 1740 of Beauty & the Beast. Since that, the same plot of Beauty & the Beast tale plus adding other changes was use later on in movies of Beauty & the beast 1934,1946, 1962,1987, 1992, 2005,2009,2014 and the latest one of 2017. Tale Beauty & the Beast was dramatically famous in the edition of 1992 animated film from Walt Disney. The film was aim to entertain young kids to a world of fantasy and adventure. Scope a reality for kids to believing in the world of imaginations and magical of love that can solve every boundaries in life which somehow stimulated hyperreality for kids in a certain period.

Beauty & the Beast 2017 movie is officially planned to release in Thailand’s cinema on march 17 and main role played by Emma Watson for Belle and Dan Stevens for the Beast. Once, I watched Beauty & the Beast in the version of animation and the cartoon is not completely copying from the original plot of the tale, however the animation is mixing of stuff that creates a new changing of characters as a result leads to the changes of the plot. Some specific scene that have in 1992 disney animated film version is not from the original tale of Beauty & the Beast 1740.

For example, one scene when Belle the beautiful girl enter to the Beast room and saw rose in a glass dome. She walk up and trying to open it. Then the Beast aggressively tell Belle to go out and in that scene Belle and Beast are in the intension of having arguement. In disney version of Beauty & the Beast was not completely copying from the original tale is it rather bricolage that the plot has change to a different style according for young kids to find it entertaining. Plus, Gatson an arrogant hunter who falls in love with Belle and also end up the one who trys to kill the beast was not from the original tale. Disney add up the character of Gatson in order to create more dynamic in the animation, to create more obstracles between the love of Belle and the Beast. Having the character of a bad guy will help young kids to understand the movie more clearer. This is because, from the original tale the relationship is only between Beauty, the beast and Beauty’s father. The original tale of Beauty & the Beast, Belle was not name as Belle like in disney version however in the tale it is name as “Beauty”. Disney just get the overall concept of the plot but change details or sequences of the plot. The style that disney is trying to accomplished is consider as grand narrative because whatever happen in detail to the plot, the ending scene of most disney animation princess are ending in happily ever after. The style of disney movie will show one conclusive views of a happy ending which suitable for young kids to watch. Furthermore, characters of Mrs.Potts, Cogwotts, Chip, Featherduster and Wardrobe in disney version shows simulation, because all of the characters are furnitures that can talk similarly to human. In reality, it is impossible that a cup can talk in real life to human but, the animation use computer graphics to show that what is unreal can be reality through the media. Blurring the reality value of an object to be part of a character that is alive. Target audience that disney is aim to produce is for children, to show that the magical of love can destroy all of the obstracle in life which in reality relationships are far more difficult. Therefore, it is stimulate to the reality world. The plot of the tale itself somehow shows the reputation of hybridity because, there is a blur line between high and low culture that an ugly beast can get real love from Belle a beautiful women. Hence, the plot is eliminating the old culture stereotype that a good looking women should be suitable to a good looking man only.

Beauty & the Beast movie 2017 shows lots of stereotype of how women should be or appeal to be like. Belle is the represenation model of how in these days women should be brave and tough, that in the movie she risk her life on saving her father from the beast. Even though the movie Beauty & the Beast 2017 has release only the trailer, there are some discussion about feminist topic. It is mention through online articles that Belle’s iconic costume of wearing yellow corset represents the traditional culture of a real feminist, and Emma Watson the one who plays the role of Belle refused to wear the corset. Many views intend to say that Emma Watson might not be a suitable star to play the role of Belle, apart from her personality of like reading books. Emma rejects of wearing Belle’s yellow corset which people believes it show feminism. Emma Watson instead believe on playing the role of Belle as an “active” princess, that wearing a corset would restrict her movement while perform in the movie. In my opinion, wearing a corset is not the only way to show image and reputation of being feminist. But I wonder that why the issue of Emma rejects of wearing corset is a problem? It might be that in the olden days the society of beautiful british women wears corset to show the differences of women’s body shape over men. For readers, if you are reading this blog please comment below if you have any ideas about feminism views.

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