Media disruption what…???

Another interesting topic to cover again for this week’s blog. Hello my lovely readers meet you again. Generally saying about this weeks topic is that media and us have been together for century and currently many changes have occur due to the advancement of techonology. From the beginning, I would like to clarify the term disruption. Disruption is a terminology that often use in media and technology that how these two component have the capability of changing the way how people act or think about something or an issue. Disruption in media is like two-sided coin that it may create both positive and negative change to our society. In this blog, I will share ideas about media disrupt lifestyle, media disrupt our vision and disruption of media production.

When it comes to media disruption of lifestyle it is related to the advancement of technology. Technology development drives people to have convenient lifestyle than in the olden days. People are no longer consume media through television or public broadcast because nowdays there are alternative of watching videos from internet, which the excess can be anytime in any place. Furthermore new generations are so active that they will not have the tradition lifestyle of staying at home watching television. However, traveling outside can have the excess to media if the place have internet. Especially in Thailand most people have mobile phones that access to the internet. It change lifestyle for media consumer on watching big screen at home to a small size portable like mobile phones. Personal experience, I have seen people who are eating at restaurants in the mall spent more time looking at their phones rather than real communication with the person who they are sitting with. Therefore, it is why there is a change in business marketing industry that commercials in television is not as mass approach as commercials from downloading application on phone. 90% of our daily life is about communication via phone and using mobile phone devices for personal reasons. People will see advertisement regulary on social media website e.g Facebook, applications e.g Trip-advisor or even Youtube by the time a video is downloading in progress.

Apart from that media does more to disrupt our daily lifes. As, media consumer tends to shift from passive audience to active audience. This is because, media gives better engagement to consumers. Some T.V shows are broadcast live in Youtube and people have space to comment immediately while the show is screening. From the example below is how consumer can comment on the right side while the CNN news is live on Youtube. The advantage of having Youtube is that every video that have been played in Youtube, after the live video ends the video will uploaded in Youtube for people to watch it again at any time. Video news from CNN can be replay many time and influences audience to have the chance to actively listen to the news. Comparing to watching CNN news via television is watching the news once and not scrutinizingly understand the news.

Furthermore, the changing of lifestyle in this generation that I would like to mention is how people in these days are no longer rely or trust commercials in television. This is because there is a replacement of commercial that have a new form which look as if it is more credible. People seems to relying more on You-tubers. You-tubers are ordinary people that anyone can upload videos in Youtube and many of them review products by stating their own opinion. Most people believe that reviews in Youtube are the most realistic information as You-tubers have no reason to persuade audience on buying the product that they are reviewing. Youtubers have no benefit on review products only if the person is been sponsor by a company of the product. When reviewing product You-tubers can say anything about their opinion and there is no right or wrong answers. Audience who watch review can engage with You-tubers on writing comments below the video. At the end, audience are able to actively respond to the media that they seen in Youtube. Reviews are seem realistic because they are about individual opinions. Below video is my own video reviewing Lays flavor Honey Butter. Me and my friends we just have a go to do some taste test and we say our own opinion about the crisps. At the end of the video we rate the product out of 10 and the following video we decided to interview other people and see satisfaction result. (See at Sassaya’s Blog to be continued) My video include the engagement to audience by encouraging audience to have a try Lays flavor Honey Butter and to comment below about their feedback.

Not only in Youtube that audience can engaged to the media there are also other media communication. Such as, Facebook and Instagram which those application are in a form of posts, audience have the space to participate by comment photos below the picture of each posts. For further details look at Butsaratip’s blog.

Lifestyle of how we consume media has gradually changed from the result of media disruption. People now are using variety of media resources in which it might be unnecessary for them to use multi-media at once. I can see clearly from how my friend behave. While she was watching television on screen she opens her computer to Facebook and send messages to her friend.

Media distrub in terms of our vision is the fact of technology development. Every time when we see new technology coming up we always have this attitude of influencing disruption of cool technology we should quickly grab it and own it. However, not many people think about the important of technology development, the crucial part that how do technology actually work in a way that we can use it to make better change or maximize a better quality of life to the person who owns it. On the bright side high technology does bring a wider vision for new generation. This is because consumers now can consume real-time content in media as well as see a new vision of the world in different angles/perspective involve direct actors of action. The using of infographics, visual story telling and augmentic reality can bring easier understanding to audience. E.g National geography, underwater sea life and AR pathway to Japanese aquarium

National geography underwater sea life
Use penguin to navigate the way to Japanese aquarium (AR)

Lastly, media disrupt media production occur is how ordinary people can now turn into a producer of media whether the person is not a professional media producer. Due to a better development of technology anyone can now make their own movies and video to be posts in public. In which, video could be reviewing products, a talk of certain issue or a Vlog of every day life. In my opinion from now on producers of media can be own by everyone but it is essential on who can produce the best content/style that attracts the most views.

In conclusion, media is emerging to human being everyday life and media have disupt us in certain ways wether it is shifting our life style to be better or worst, the only thing that we should keep in mind is to know ourselves, do not let media or technology control us in contrast we should contol them instead and do not change our attitude for technology. We should start talking to real person more than a person on screen.