Why Women Around The World Are Chucking Their Lingerie?

Hello there!!! Have you guys heard what is this hashtag Bra toss challenge? Well well, this challenge is aim to raised awareness for March 8th. How come why is it so special especially on that day? So, let me tell you why? On march 8 it is known as the international women’s day and women wordwide have this campaign of trying to raised awareness. In class, JM204 mass media and communication lecture we discuss topics about can mass media really create social change now or in the future. Before mentioning further lets first understand what is Bra toss challenge about?

Campaign Bra toss challenge comes from Lilly Singh a famous lady youtuber who known as superwomen. She has put lots of passion in her work since December when she first start launching her Girllove project. Again in 2015 Lilly Singh aim to produce a new trend to raise awareness for women’s rights and trying to build inspiration for every type of women worldwide to be proud of themselves whatever shape, size, colour or even with any sexual orientation and any religious beliefs they are. In her campaign video, she holding up a bra and then throwing it into the camera in support of every type of women around the world. Her video has gone viral as other lady You-tubers supports her campaign and follow. For instance, Hannah Stocking, Teala Dunn, Lele Pons, Ari Fitz and Stephanie Mc Mahon. The video compaign will encourage people to toss the bra also nominating any three people who you know to complete the campaign. In her video she mention to challenge viewers of this video who believes in the power of sisterhood to take the bra toss challenge. The idea behind for the challange is trying to connect women around the world to start uploading inspirational video explaining what international women’s day mean to them before throwing their bras.

Bra toss challenge is an example how people use role of mass media to influence a greater change in the society as well as trying to build positive impact to our society in these days. However, how effectively does raising awareness about social issue can lead to good impact to real society. First of all, what makes a society good? When I think about good society I imagine about the environment of how global citizen are respect to each other,have empathy to each other and concerning about public goods not only caring about individual benefits. Secondly, social problem includes all factors which is not only just women respecting women. But indicating men or other genders or different nationality or different powers should respect each other in order to create together a good social change to the world. Positive impact will happened only if people support each other and really believing in the rights of gender or inequality, even if there is no campaign of raising awareness for women’s right. In another words, if people who consumer media are passively watching and do not start any effective action to social problem. At the end of the day, media will not create real change according to commodity fetichism in media. On the bright side mass media can somehow build positive impact to the social in terms of expanding horizons of thoughts and a bridge between traditional society mindset transition towards to modern society mindset to help recognizing global issues.

Furthermore, mass media can influences mass people attention to the social problems by indirectly growing the community aspiration because the information send to broadcasts can become much faster than before and convenient to understand. The faster the information spread, the bigger groups of people got the message to understand and make the change. Larger groups of people will give attention to the importance of social problem through media, which before the problem might occur only minority. In long-term, when mass people discuss about a social problem likely it lead to development efforts to the states. Such as government that they might neglected to a social minority problem but when mass media brings up the issue and discuss largely they might give attention to the problem in a greater degree seeing the importance. Moreover, minority rights of people will have the freedom of speech to say out their opinion of any issue to the public in media, which help our society to developed public opinion and lead to our society on supporting democracy. By bringing rights to the people who have been ignore and leading to more social movement.

In my opinion, Bra toss hashtag challenge is an effective entertainment to bring involvement for audience to social awareness with the importants of Women’s International day. We as audience the user of media, we receive information through media and next step we will pass the information to people who are near to us wether it is friends or family. Then, the exchanging of information both perceiving and giving through friends and family create the theory of social relations. Theory of social relation is basically receive information from other people or from your close relations.

In conclusion, At the end of the day to create real social movement in our society is it not only about enhancing higher levels of awareness through media, it is rather about how much people give attention and actively respond on making the change to happen. If people already mention through media and discuss often what is right or wrong but not willing to change initially create level of awareness will not create social change or social good. Therefore, to answer question at the beginning mass media cannot directly create social change in contrast, mass media is just one of the elements that drives our world to start thinking of making the change. We as a global citizen just have the role to respond correctly and actively of what issue is media raising.