10 Book Recommendations For Adults…
James Altucher


In your search for ultimate keys, steps, methods, routines, habits to happiness, success, financial freedom, intellectual freedom, peace, … whatever … all of these books either serve to reference a podcast you had with the author or were published in the last decade or two.

Are no books published before 2000, or 1990, worthy of mention?

Have we not already learned anything about ourselves that we haven’t dumbly re-learned in the past quarter century or, well, for as much history as we care to know/learn/read?

If I may, I’d like to suggest a few books or authors for thought, or reading pleasure. But I don’t earn money offering my thoughts for free. I do envy you, though, offering yours for a fee.

This missive may be snarky but I don’t mean to be snarky. At heart I really am a good guy … but, of course, I can only prove that through “works”.

At the end of the day, as they like to say these days, I do believe you’re a good guy too. And I write out of a desire to engage in conversation. We must commend you for being open for conversation. After all, “what do we lose when we refuse to end a phrase with a question mark?” (cf. me! me, lover of haikus.)

Cheers, salud, my hopeful new friend.

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