Top 10 reasons to attend Homecoming 2015

There is really only one reason Kentucky Wesleyan College alumni need to attend Homecoming… it’s Homecoming! But, we know that our alumni are involved in community activities and other great causes that compete for time. So, the Alumni Association has created the top 10 reasons to attend Homecoming 2015…

#10: See the new downtown Owensboro — this is an All-American City!

The renovated Smothers Park has been the diamond of nearly $200 million in public and private investment in downtown Owensboro. Notice the Hampton Inn and Suites and Owensboro Convention Center in the background — where the legendary Executive Inn once stood.

#9: Celebrate the 9 Alumni Award winners and check out the Owensboro Convention Center!

Alumni Hall of Fame: Lt. Gov. Robert Ballard Bailey, 1908; Outstanding Alumna: Dr. Cheryl D. King ’70; Alumni Achievement: Miranda Christy ‘01
Alumni Achievement: Michael E. Horn ’75; Alumni Service: Sally Allen Crenshaw ’67; Outstanding Young Graduate: J. Phillip Roberts ‘05
Outstanding Young Graduate: Jason Tanner ’05; Gus E. Paris Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Robert and Prof. Nancy Flachskam

#8: Kendall Hall is new again! See how much has changed in the “new” Kendall Hall!

#7: Watch a movie produced by a Wesleyan alum — “Coaches Wives”, by Jonathan Moore ‘92

#6: Sing in the Alumni Choir under the direction of former Wesleyan Singers director, Dr. Robert McIver

Dr. Robert McIver recently retired from the Eastman School of Music. Dr. McIver directed the Kentucky Wesleyan Singers from 1981 to 1997.

#5: Take a selfie with the new Wesley N. Panther!

#4: A chance to get loud and proud at one of 4 Wesleyan athletic events during the weekend!

#3: Rub the nose of the Panther in front of Winchester Center!

#2: Tailgating! Grab some bar-b-que from the Alumni Association tent!

#1: All the friends you’ll never forget and the chance to make new memories at Wesleyan!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Homecoming! Make your reservation online at

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