Periscope + GoPro = your phone no longer has to fear uncertain death on a mountaintop!

We heart the recent partnership between Periscope and GoPro; for the first time, GoPro’ers can now broadcast straight to the Periscope app on their iPhones (more here from Wired). How cool is that?

At Kweak, we’re fascinated with communication and how it constantly evolves with the emergence of new platforms and consumer appetites. This marriage between two of our favorite brands is yet another example of consumers’ making do with the tools they have until the market catches up and creates something to make their lives easier — or changes the conversation entirely by introducing a totally new way to communicate. We can’t wait to see what the audience comes up with!

About us:

Kweak is a video messaging app where you can augment live or recorded video as part of a rich chat experience. It’s quicker than texting, better than pictures! Join our Alpha testers’ group to download the latest version and give us your feedback. Be warned: It’s totally addictive!

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