What’s more human than words? (Hint: We heart you!)

Thx, Pink Diamond

It is known: People like connecting with other people in authentic, human exchanges. What continues to be surprising is that this holds true no matter how efficiently we learn to manage our social lives with technology — just look at the explosive growth of messaging apps.

Communication and how it’s evolved in the last 20 years is something we spend a lot of time pondering at Kweak, because we want to make it better, faster, richer, easier. In fact we think that augmented reality and asynchronous video are the future of messaging. So we loved Robleh Jama’s recent post on “Why Brands Should Care About Messaging Apps: And the Future of Custom Emojis.”

Emojis, stickers, and GIFs are a fun, easy, way for us to express ourselves and understand each other more clearly. They’re more human than words.

That’s the kicker: Creative artifacts are more human than words. So it makes total sense that “we react to emojis on a more visceral level than text alone,” as Jama writes.

Also, duh, emojis are super easy and fun to use!

Imagine how happy the pleasure receptors in your brain would be to see sticker emojis augmenting live video in a messaging environment. That’s what Kweak is all about.

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