Against Chill
Alana Massey

You have some very inspiring words, and alot of that really does make sense, but I am a firm believer that there’s a big difference between relaxing, and “chilling” or being “chill” , because most of the time you are talking about guys that don’t want to move things forward,

but there are plenty of “chill” guys that want to make things work and want to be straight up about everything, there are lots of guys and girls that like to use excuses to not move things forward, but that has nothing to do with being “chill”

That has to do with the type of person your trying to see, the reality is you want to find someone that wants the same thing you do, and nobody wants to break that wall of honesty because there affraid of getting hurt, and they like how things are going this far.

But if you can’t talk to someone about what your going to do, befor you do it with them, then you should re think who your seeing, life isn’t highschool, you don’t have to change your behavior for someone else, and if you choose to do that, then your just digging a whole deeper and deeper for yourself,

If you choose to be someone your not then you can only blame yourself.

Honesty is the foundation of anything great, its just that it’s hard to spot out the liar’s,

I say all this because im the definition of chill , I am very passionate about many aspects of my life, I’m hard working and I do believe that what you put into life , you get out of life,

Being chill is not about bieng a dick and passing up every opportunity that comes your way because you don’t wanna feel anything,

Being chill is about relaxing when the world gets you down, its about not letting everything affect you, its about feeling like your not apart of everything that’s fucked up on this earth.

All I’m saying is that bieng chill is good, but being all those other things wile being chill isn’t cool,

It’s not chill that you hate , its all the people that use it to there advantage in there own life against you,

You don’t need to fight everyone’s Battle’s fight the ones you need to, and relax a bit along the way or else your life is just a constant aggravation ,

But no one wants to be around someone that can’t relax, and chilling is a huge part of that, people that don’t know how to chill, or stop complaining, or just stop worrying will always be miserable because there in that state of mind 24/7 and that’s no way to live

But I have to say alot of what you said is true, I just don’t think it all has to do with bieng chill, it has to do with bieng a douch bag.