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A while back I wrote a guideline on how to deploy a django app to Ubuntu. (Though it has been a while)As much as that was a while back, that guide is still very relevant, I referenced back those steps recently and they still apply to the T. Let me kick off by saying,

if you are looking for some free Digital Ocean credits click here and sign up. You will instantly get $100 credited to your account.

Lets Encrypt is a nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 180 million websites. If you wish to contribute please head here.

So the next step would be to secure your app with a free SSL certificate. …

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Myself with Paloma at the edge of Thaba Bosiu

I went on a hike with the woman I have fallen in love with and it taught me a few things about our relationship and relationships in general.

Our hike was originally planned for six people, but quickly downsized to just the two of us. Initially I thought to myself, “who takes a hike at 12 noon, I mean the sun is mostly out, it is blazing hot and we are not prepared for this.”

The first hurdle was actually climbing up the mountain… We decided to take the foot path which was nicely laid out and had a nice hand rail one could hold on to all the way up the mountain. While the way up was tough, it did not feel too tough. We were chatting about how hard it is to keep going up, but I wanted to run around already because I was feeling it and she was adamant we were going all the way to the top. …

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A while back I used to run a wordpress blog, I actually started with blogger, then moved to joomla then wordpress, but decided to go medium for various reasons. So back in those days I typically liked to do interviews of people I came across because I always find you learn a lot in that particular setting. Read some really ancient interviews here.

This brings me to this particular interview/post I asked my best friend Gabriel to do. This is story, him basically sharing some pointers on his journey into wethinkcode. Amazing story.

My name Gabriel and I have been coding since 2013. I started to learn about coding when I did a BSc degree in computer science at Uni. At first I loved coding and felt in-powered with what I could do with coding. I have honestly never felt more in control. I got the concepts quickly and I worked hard but enjoyed everything about it. I got 97% for my first semester and 98% in my exam. We are lead to believe that you need a degree to get a job in this field but honestly you do not. …

Since the release of Django 2.0 I have been putting it off to do the upgrade from v1.11 This has so far worked in my favor because it means I can focus on other things that interest me like new projects or something new I am learning. But like all procrastination tasks it will eventually come for you.

Then Django 2.1 was released 1 August 2018 and when I saw this I thought this is a sign from the heavens above that I need to start looking into this. There has been other security releases since then, but nothing stood out more than that of 2.1. The project I will be upgrading is currently running v1.11 which is the LTS version, with extended support ending April 2020. …

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Let me start this post off by saying this… I am not a qualified mechanic/engineer or anything of the sort. I am however a qualified googler and boosted brainiac when it comes to cars. Me love em loads. (Clearly missed my calling).

Disclaimer: Seeing I live in South Africa, I will directly list some parts and stores that will be mentioned below. I am not at all sponsored by any of the stores or people listed. If you wish you could always mention Goku in the chats then maybe they can give me millions worth of free car parts.

If you are reading this post I already assume you got some sort of idea about VAG FSI engines. If not read more here. These engines were designed to give more power and more power. Simple as that. If you have watched Top Gear and/or The Grand Tour, say POWER with the Jeremy Clarkson voice then you know exactly what I mean, no to mention improved fuel economy (that’s the last time I ever mention fuel economy). …

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In last weeks post I wrote on how to run a django app in a production environment, we used gunicorn, supervisor and nginx in that instance to run the app and serve it to the outside world. This time around I want to focus on running memcached to cache certain elements of our web app in django. If you would like to get get some idea of the benefits of caching read this article. If you would also like to find out how you can encorporate memcached into your django app read this tutorial from django themselves.

I will assume that you followed my post on how to run django in prod environment, as I will be using the same project as I did there, same users and same structure. You will need to have setup supervisor, but I will still go through that. …

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For many newbies to django, the deployment process to production can seem to be a daunting one. Fueled with questions of how to ensure the app is always running to monitoring that app is always running even if something goes wrong. Fear not, as I will try my best to explain in great detail what each step consists of, why it is needed and the indepth background of each tool used.

The basic steps I will be following are as follows:

  1. Setting up OS + User
  2. Setup Database + Users
  3. Setup bower/npm/yarn
  4. Setup virtualenv + environment
  5. Clone git project
  6. Manage project…

Not so long ago I was having a chat with a friend of mine and I mentioned to her that we have a gentleman's agreement… This did not seem to go well with her and she thought; this was one of those crazy things I come up with and seem to convince the rest of the world they really do exist. This is the same friend I convinced that there is an annual convention of gentlemen where we discuss things like how to be good men to our ladies. …

Everyone who knows me always has this idea that I am possessive, I have a name tag for everything. I have my name on the steering wheel of my car, on the back of my phone.. On my computer. KwekuQ is plastered everywhere you look all around me. But for good reason.

When I was a kid my mom bought me a toy dog. I named him Oliver. Oliver become a very big part of my life and still is, it has been over 5 years since I have seen Oliver but I know exactly where he is in my parents house, and I know for sure he is safe. Now Oliver was always around, and I mean always. After school I would pull him where ever I went, if we took family trips I would bring him with. …



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