Why I name everything

Everyone who knows me always has this idea that I am possessive, I have a name tag for everything. I have my name on the steering wheel of my car, on the back of my phone.. On my computer. KwekuQ is plastered everywhere you look all around me. But for good reason.

When I was a kid my mom bought me a toy dog. I named him Oliver. Oliver become a very big part of my life and still is, it has been over 5 years since I have seen Oliver but I know exactly where he is in my parents house, and I know for sure he is safe. Now Oliver was always around, and I mean always. After school I would pull him where ever I went, if we took family trips I would bring him with. Basically my child when I was a child.

But what does this mean? How does this tie in with Naming things.

There is an important lesson here. Naming things comes with caring, lets remember we all have names as humans. And our parents name us out of love, unless your name is Lucifer then… (I got news for you bro). We name our pets names of reason, not just as a way of identifying but also giving it meaning, mostly it is a meaning of love, care and compassion.

I name almost everything. I named my laptop Oliver, why? Because I feel it has always been with me. I first got it 4Gb ram, 500GB hdd. And Oliver has gone up to 8Gb ram, 1TB sshd to 500GB SSD. It has been a journey of 5 years and only thing that really needs a change is the battery. What a workhorse right? Yeah. I have a digitalocean droplet I named Nicole. Reason I named it Nicole is I know two Nicole's, very similar in the type of people they are. Dedicated to their work, soft hearted but always following rules and doing what is perceived right.

Sebastian Vettel named all his championship winning cars. This is something that I find interesting because this is his career, job and love. What does naming things teach us to do? I recon the biggest thing we learn with named objects is to care for them and be proud of them. So how would naming a project, a piece of code or anything attached to me affect how I keep it? Well think about it, if you name your car, do you not give it character? Do you not feel you are accountable to it? Does that not mean you will drive her much more carefully? More safely? I named my car after my late sister. Which means if I do not take care of her, I feel it deep within my soul. I name projects from people I have met and cherish. It means I give it my all and polish it as much as I possibly can, I must always be very proud of work that leaves my hands, this irrespective of the size. That way I know my friends have something named after them that would make them proud.

Back to why is my name tag on things around me, it is basic identification to me that I have named this object and remember not only to respect people who have contributed in me owning it but people that I have named it after. That way I can contribute my 1% to safety, love & happiness in this world.