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A while back I wrote a guideline on how to deploy a django app to Ubuntu. (Though it has been a while)As much as that was a while back, that guide is still very relevant, I referenced back those steps recently and they still apply to the T. Let me kick off by saying,

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Lets Encrypt is a nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 180 million websites. If you wish to contribute please head here.

So the next step would be to secure your app with a free SSL certificate. …

Myself with Paloma at the edge of Thaba Bosiu

I went on a hike with the woman I have fallen in love with and it taught me a few things about our relationship and relationships in general.

Our hike was originally planned for six people, but quickly downsized to just the two of us. Initially I thought to myself, “who takes a hike at 12 noon, I mean the sun is mostly out, it is blazing hot and we are not prepared for this.”

The first hurdle was actually climbing up the mountain… We decided to take the foot path which was nicely laid out and had a nice hand rail one could hold on to all the way up the mountain. While the way up was tough, it did not feel too tough. We were chatting about how hard it is to keep going up, but I wanted to run around already because I was feeling it and she was adamant we were going all the way to the top. …

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A while back I used to run a wordpress blog, I actually started with blogger, then moved to joomla then wordpress, but decided to go medium for various reasons. So back in those days I typically liked to do interviews of people I came across because I always find you learn a lot in that particular setting. Read some really ancient interviews here.

This brings me to this particular interview/post I asked my best friend Gabriel to do. This is story, him basically sharing some pointers on his journey into wethinkcode. Amazing story.

My name Gabriel and I have been coding since 2013. I started to learn about coding when I did a BSc degree in computer science at Uni. At first I loved coding and felt in-powered with what I could do with coding. I have honestly never felt more in control. I got the concepts quickly and I worked hard but enjoyed everything about it. I got 97% for my first semester and 98% in my exam. We are lead to believe that you need a degree to get a job in this field but honestly you do not. …



Friend — Developer — Entrepreneur — Ninja

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