With the holidays upon us, I am eagerly looking toward the excitement of the new year. While a lot of my thoughts recently have been on the joy of work projects and family trips. I want to shift the lens to think about where I plan to be at the end of next year.

With the ring of the new year still fresh, there is no time better than now to review the good, bad, and best of last year while preparing for an eventful 2018.


Crowd at my first conference session

One of the biggest achievements for me this year was speaking at my first conference. It only got better from there as I was able to speak at 2 other conferences giving a total of 4 sessions. Even had one of my talks doodled by David Neal!

I think it looks more like me than he says, but I am not the artist

I also went to my…

It is no surprise that November is a month to look forward to. For most is it the start of the holiday season.

Ever since June, I have had the pleasure to a part of an amazing conference, Nodevember. As November has begun, my excitement for this has only grown. I cannot begin to explain how great the team is or how exhilarating of an event this will be.

For those that have followed me closely in person or on Twitter, will be excited to here that this post is not about that.

Looking back

Over 2 and a half years ago…

After months of consideration and thought, I finally left my windows machine behind and make the leap into #AppleLife. Right off the deep end I went with the 15" MBP with touch bar.

One small step out of the store, one big hit to my wallet

But how does that make you feel?

I have heard many different viewpoints around the touch bar edition. This has really added to my hesitation. Here are some main areas I had concerns and how I feel after my first few days of use.

This conference is one that lives up to the hype and it does so before breakfast!

React Rally was such an amazing and inspiring experience. From meeting the cheerful and welcoming React community to the out of this world presentations, there was never a dull moment. It was so action packed, I found myself heading to my hotel room for breaks just to settle down from the overload of epicness.

This being my first single track conference, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My biggest concern was the loss of the “hallway track”. However with a 2 hour lunch each…

Hi, I am Kyle. I am a long time console log debug user.

[all] Hi Kyle.

Are your console statements lacking? Are you consistently adding more details or losing track of them? Does your console look worse than a stack trace? I consistently find myself lost with data overload.

Too much of a good thing can be bad

Captain’s Log is a babel plugin built to improve lackluster console statements and improve the developer experience when debugging.


My use of console statements got to the point that I intuitively started to prepend location data and variable names as I created them. Unfortunately, names change and statements get copied. …

So my path to becoming a developer is not one of hardship or diversity.

So you may be thinking, “Why write about it then?”

I find it valuable to understand someone’s background to fully understand how/what have made them into who they are today.

So let’s begin!

It started with a presentation in my junior high school gym. I was in 8th grade. A group of the high school students had come to tell us about a program, Tech Academy(TA), offered at out local high school which put students into a tech-driven track. …

Hi, I am Kyle Welch.

Not sure how these things should start on the first post, so let’s just start simply with the motivation.

Why a Blog?

Why not! Well, for starters cold feet. I have had this thought for quite sometime but just couldn’t put myself to start. I have always been consuming from other blogs and open source, but found my contribution lacking or non-existent. I have truly enjoyed learning, but there something special I have always found when I am able to teach something. My hope with this blog is to pull back the curtain on my own thought process…

Kyle Welch

Frontend Platform Developer at @Eventbrite • @Nodevember Crew • Consultant • Speaker

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