“Gardening is easy!” — said no one ever.
Christopher Guest

Hey Christopher, this is an all too familiar story! My first year gardening on my own (not interning at another farm), I became so emotional when excessive feeding damage appeared almost out of nowhere as well. Through many seasons I have become familiar with the insects that are attracted to my garden space though, so with each year prevention becomes more effective when you become more familiar with the eggs of the pest (which is the easiest way to manage them before they become wild feeders), around what time of year they hatch and so on. Organic gardening can be emotional since the growing of food becomes part of nature’s cycles, but as you note, it is in the continuing on that things begin to thrive. Also, its okay to munch on plants that have some holes…as long as the leaves still look vibrant, they can be nourishing!

Happy growing seasons ahead!

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