First Blog- getting excited for my upcoming adventure in Spain

The day is arriving soon, June 28, 2016. This is where I will begin my memorable experience in Spain. I intend to further my knowledge about my new cultural surroundings, while receiving a Grade 12 credit in English. During this experience I hope to gain a new perspective for travelling abroad, as this will be my first time traveling to Europe. In addition I hope to improve my English language skills and go in depth about new course material to prepare me for success in my future.

To begin, there are countless sights and experiences I hope to see and gain from this travelling adventure. Spain is a beautiful country that has a phenomenal artistic heritage, architecture, culture, food and many more unique factors that as a whole make Spain an exceptionally special country.

I have a strong appreciation for my architectural surroundings, I find it fascinating to analyze the unique architectural designs and structures in the different cities and areas where I travel. Spain will certainly broaden my understanding of architecture, as it offers a mixture of gothic and Islamic architectural influences. This beautiful combination of these styles will be seen in the extraordinary city of Barcelona. We will have the opportunity to visit the Parc Guell, which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is where we will be able to admire the artwork of the famous and distinctive architectural designs by Gaudi. In addition the Guggenheim museum is an extraordinary site which was designed by Frank Gehry a unique architect. This museum contains modern and contemporary art which complement the surroundings and opens the eyes of tourists, very much including artistic and architecture enthusiasts like myself.

Moreover, I am keen on being able to enrich my overall experience in Spain by taking on a few of the excursions offered. With respect to the hike in the Pyrenees, this is an experience that I could not resist. The amazing and awe-inspiring views during the adventurous hike up the Pyrenees, while taking in the beautiful surroundings, ultimately leaves me excited. I am eager to write a travel post on my hike and thrilling and the feeling of accomplishment. This experience will be one to remember.

Lastly, although there is a longer list of wonderful things I hope to see and experience, the culture that Spain has to offer is definitely something I am fascinated with being a part of and seeing. I am a very sociable person who loves to interact with others and share new memorable experiences. The exciting and lively culture of Spain will complement my interests! When I went to Punta Cana I took Spanish lessons, as that was a few years ago I will surely need to brush up on my Spanish skills. Communication is very important when in a different country. I am eager to be able to communicate, interact and be a part of the Spanish social scene while being able to learn their customs and gain knowledge on their cultural traditions.

The eagerness and excitement I have grows as the day is closely approaching. This is a memorable journey I am yet to experience and will never forget. The stories and memories that come along with this traveling adventure will last a lifetime and I am excited to be sharing them with you.


Kyra Wex

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