Rex Tillerson Warrants Scrutiny Because He’s An Oligarch, Not Because He Shook Hands With Putin
Michael Tracey

I don’t (fully) agree. My objections are that Exxon has something like a half-trillion dollars worth of stalled deals in Russia due to the sanctions and now all of a sudden those deals will likely go through (I wonder whether Donnie will get a kick-back?). Oh, and I place less importance on border conflicts UNTIL they result in actual annexation (by force) of territories. Obama tried to play nice in the beginning and then Russia walked all over him, leading to the current state of affairs. Funny how the Democrats were willing to reset relations initially only changing their tune when circumstances dictated they do so; contrast that to the hard-line stance of the Republican Party during the past six decades. Now all of a sudden with Trump’s election they’re changing their stripes. Huge hypocrites. Weren’t they once considered the “family values” party?

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