Can Energy Data Access give the Internet of Energy back to the People

Energy data is the foundation of the market transformation that is happening in the energy sector and KWHCoin is empowering individuals and companies to own it.

Grid modernization efforts are underway to make the electric grid cleaner and more efficient. States, municipalities and electricity providers are analyzing how to best structure the electricity sector in order to promote renewables and other distributed energy resources. A critical requirement for stimulating innovation in the private sector with respect to DER is the sharing of data from utility “smart meters” with customers and customers’ authorized service providers.

Energy data is the foundation of the exciting market transformation currently happening in the energy sector and KWHCoin has developed technology solutions to empower individuals and companies to own it.

The KWHCoin Smart Grid Platform converts smart meter data to digital energy assets and leverages blockchain technology to manage these assets and allow individuals and companies to store in digital wallets.

“Our (KWHCoin) platform tokenizes the electricity data from any type of distributed energy resource that is captured by smart meters or advanced metering technology. This allows individuals and companies to share and collaborate on the energy output creating a dynamic green economy for peer to peer and business to business transactions,” explains KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk.

The KWHCoin platform leverages the blockchain application of technology partner, VIA, to securely connect individuals and businesses distributed across many locations. VIA’s Trusted Analytics Chain (TAC)securely connects energy data to potential AI solutions and enables KWHCoin to deliver a host of services including:

  1. Tokenization energy data — converting to digital asset (KWHCoin)
  2. Securely connect energy company data across a decentralized network of energy assets
  3. Enables KWHCoin Smart Grid Platform to anonymously analyze energy data for potential AI solutions including predictive analytics and forecasting
KWHCoin Smart Grid platform enables individuals and companies to participate in a dynamic green economy backed by the KWHCoin and its ecosystem of partners.

KWHCoin is also a member of the Green Button Alliance which end users must to be aware of their use and their patterns of use.

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