Nurse In Hand and KWHCoin Collaborate on innovative solution for Kenyan roads death rate

These Emergency Care Centers (ECC) being developed through the KWHCoin-Nurse in Hand partnership will be produced from recycle shipping containers and will be powered by solar panels and other distributed energy resources creating a 100% green ecosystem to supply energy needs.

The World Health Organization states that Kenya has a ratio of 29.1 deaths per 100,000 people relative to fatalities as a result of car accidents. To add perspective, in the United States that ratio is 11.59 per 100,000 people as a result of car accidents. East African roads are the deadliest in the world and Kenya ranks as one of the worse in East Africa with only Tanzania and Rwanda with worse death rates in the region.

Kenyan startup Nurses in Hand has partnered KWHCoin for an IOT collaboration to develop a totally green emergency response system for the Kenyan Roadway Network that will serve as a model to scale to the African continent.

Nurse In Hand Founder and CEO Lucy Njuguna presenting the emergency post crash response software system at the World Blockchain Summit in Nairboi, Kenya.

Nurse In Hand Emergency Response web and mobile solution has real time traffic and accident data points for the Kenyan Roadway Network System. Drivers via text alert and USSD code connect with devices for crash alert and post crash response.

“Over 3,000 Kenyans are killed on our roads every year, most of them between the ages of 15 and 44 years. The cost to our economy from these accidents in excess on $50 million US dollars exclusive of the actual loss of life and the emotional and mental trauma this brings to family and loved ones. Nurse in Hand is here with a solution to prevent this and save lives,” states Nurse In Hand Founder and CEO Lucy Njuguna.

Nurse in Hand as an organization is set to offer the following:

  1. Emergency response motorcycle services
  2. Roadside emergency paramedics as service and expedited post crash response
  3. General emergency and modernization of the emergency response technology framework
  4. Emergency response training services

KWHCoin is business and energy partner with Nurse in Hand (NIH) and the blockchain companies have created an innovative integration strategy for cryptocurrency as a liberation technology. KWHCoin will develop and manage the energy generation and distribution for this project and the KWHCoin will be paired in the app as form of payment for services of the emergency response system.

  • KWHCoin paired in the application as form of payment for services rendered by the emergency response system. This will generate incredible “velocity” in the usage of the KWHCoin and serve as a medium for cross payment paired with the local currency and mobile currencies (ex. M Pesa).
Emergency care centers for the Nurse in Hand Emergency Response.

The Nurse In Hand triage units (emergency care centers) will be strategically positioned near high incident points, patrol stations, and at interval points derived based on data from geo-mapping of the Kenyan Roadway Networks. The centers will have a paramedics procurement room, storage units, mini control/communication/logistics room, changing area and a kitchenette. The emergency care centers will be powered by solar energy and KWHCoin is developing the energy generation and deployment strategy for the project.

“In Kenya the economic cost of road crashes have been reported to be 5.6% while the loss of life and debilitating injuries can be prevented with a faster and more efficient emergency post crash response. It is our mission to use technology (blockchain technology) to make emergency response services smart, efficient and more reliable for Kenyans by saving lives and providing quality, timely, and sustainable emergency response,” states CEO Lucy Njuguna.

In case of an emergency, the platform is activated which alerts the registered paramedics located within the geo-mapped area connecting hospitals, blood banks, vehicles, and emergency support services all on one communication platform.

Kenyan based startup Nurse in Hand business models to address Kenyan roadway fatalities.

Nurse in Hand is leading the way in applying an effective and innovative solution to address one of Kenya and Africa’s most challenging problems. KWHCoin is honored and proud to engage NIH with such an important project that will save the lives of thousands in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

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