Baseline ultrasound and estrogen blood draw: August 31, 2017

Sorry I’m a little delayed on this update post and it will probably be pretty short.

I had my baseline ultrasound and estrogen blood draw on August 31st to make sure that my ovaries were “quiet” and they were! Nothing going on at all and that’s what they wanted to see so that was comforting. They didn’t see any cysts forming, my endometrium lining was thin and they wanted my estrogen level below 80 and it was <5. That number seemed so low and I’ve been trying not to think much of it, but I can’t help but think that low number is going to cause some issues!

I started stims(the follicle/egg stimulating injections, follistim) on Saturday. I’ve been doing those injections twice a day, 75 units in the morning and 75 units at night, as well as the lupron in the morning. We lowered the lupron dose to 5 units when I started the stims. Tonight I upped my follistim injections to 150 units and I will do another dose at 75 units tomorrow morning before my follow up appointment.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning around 730a for another ultrasound and blood draw to make sure that my estrogen level is rising and the egg follicles are growing. I’ve been pretty stress free this whole process, but I’m feeling a little anxious for tomorrow’s appointment and the progress I’m making. The nurse did tell me not to come expecting to be ready for retrieval and that they will adjust the meds accordingly. I’ve read that most people stim for an average of 8 days and today is only 4 for me. I’m hoping maybe tomorrow I’ll start feeling a little bit more like I’ve been told I should. I’ve had a few headaches since starting the meds and today I did feel a little “full” and my stomach has felt different. Hoping these are all good signs!

I’ve been trying to keep busy, but I think my CrossFit days are over for a few weeks. My current injections need to be 12 hours apart and with work and my commute I don’t have time to get to the gym in those 12 hours. But, that’s ok because I went hiking this weekend and I think that might be what I do when I’m not allowed to lift weights and as long as my doctor approves.

Well friends, that’s all I have for now. Just maybe send some prayers or good vibes my way to ease my worries and for tomorrow’s appointment to show appropriate progress!

Also, please let me know if this was informative enough or if I’ve left anyone wondering about anything!

With love from a girl fighting Infertility one CrossFit WOD at a time xx

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