Why Wouldn’t I?

When I tell people (read other educators) I’ve been using twitter for about 6 years a typical reaction is “Oh, really? Why?”

In fact, that was a conversation I had tonight.

I use to try to tell them about the benefits like finding like-minded teachers or the great information and links that were shared or the conversation that I have had with other educators about learning and teaching or…. all which is valid and true but, well,….

Lately, I’ve quit the “trying to convince them I’m okay” lines and replied with “Why wouldn’t I?”

Tonight I did just that and the conversation turned from a me trying to convince them it was okay to a discussion about the pros and cons of using social media which then led to how I use it right now as a PhD student and how I try to share with other teachers and help them with things they are doing.

Social Media – It’s not about me – it’s about us

It’s about building relationships with the other people with whom I interact and share. It’s about the chats and resources, the interactions and the ideas. It’s about working together with a group of people, some of whom I have not met f2f, to develop and grow #saskedchat because we all have a passion for teaching, learning, students, teachers, parents, and community. Using social media allows me to tap into the current research and ideas about education, what is happening in other provinces and other countries. It connects me to what is happening in education. Often, it pushes me to think about my own pedagogy and my own learning. It’s about helping to be part of creating a better tomorrow today.

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