Always Be Coding

I don’t particularly like bothering people.

That’s what my experience working in sales over the last 8 years has taught me. Money, flexibility, sure the job has perks. And while I’d never be confused with a world-beater salesperson of the year, I’ve done ok. I’ve met some great people along the way. I have co-workers I’ve befriended and known for years, customers too. It’s not all bad.

Yet there are certain words that don’t sit will with me as they pertain to my job responsibilities. Push. Overcome. Close. I’m all for helping out folks who need it. I like helping people. But too often I’m asked to toe the line between helping out folks with what’s in their best interest and pushing folks to do what’s in my best interest. Live and let live! Do what you want! I’ll help where I can, that’s my game.

The sales savvy I’ve come to know reject this ideology wholeheartedly (I’m leaving $$$ on the table), and I’ve come to terms with that. At the end of the day, I don’t enjoy the full capacity of my job. I don’t like what I’m doing (or what I should be doing).

So what do I like? I’m fascinated by technology. I love problem solving. My creativity has gotten me into and out of trouble plenty. All of this in mind, I want to learn a skill set that I can apply to a career I’m proud of. I’ve hung my hat on “good communicator”, “hard worker”, and “team player” for too long. These aren’t learned skill sets, these are natural characteristics. The key for me is to parlay them with some industry knowledge in a field that interests me. The field? Computer programming.

Over the years I’ve taken continued education courses in a few proficiencies; .Net, Objective C, Python. Nothing overly intense, but enough to prove to myself I have a real interest in coding. It aligns with my interests well and it’s something I truly enjoy doing. Digging a bit further I’ve found front end engineering appeals to me most, the design aspect of, say, web page development. With that in mind I’m finally breaking away from the only career I’ve ever known to to take classes full time focused on Javascript.

Class starts in a month. Soon I’ll be breaking the news to my current employer. I just bought my first house, so this seems like a logical time to quit my job and take a risk, right? Right. Right! I have tons of support from family and friends, and I’m incredibly excited for the journey that lies ahead.

Starting a career I can be proud of is worth more to me than any commission check, and I’m about to take my first big step.

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