My failure, my experience

Hello, this is my first I am writing my first story on this site… And I am writing it in English and I was “afraid” of people and I never wanted to express myself. I want to be able to speak it as good as my French skill is.

Well, I am a 21 years old man who is currently studying at my hometown’s university in France. A pretty normal profile, it is so common that it is not interesting, isn't it? Well, I admit it. But let me share my passion with you and make it more interesting.

I want to go beyond my fears and follow my passion. My passion is to launch my start-up the quickest as I can to learn everything in the real world! And I don’t know how it is going to be, but I have that fell that I can make it through. Learn by taking risk and try, fail and try to fail again etc… and I am pretty sure that I can take over the statistics and “be successful” before I am 30. But I am sure you would say: You want to create a start-up and you’ve never tried something before? Or, you just want to create and wait until you get paid?
Before to answer those questions, I want to talk about something that it is pretty important for me:

When I was a kid (yeah, I was 16 at that time), I loved the Japanese language and I really wanted to learn by myself. So I tried once… and I felt I was revealed. 2136 kanji, several hours of works and a culture so different I could say to myself: “You will never do it… you cannot do that!”, but it was different. I never think about it, I took on-line classes, I took everything I had on the Internet and I was able to mastered almost all of the kanji without go to Japan. After be graduated from high school, which it was “one of my success” while I was spending several hours per day to take care of my passion. I saw another opportunity: “Go there and go to the university and make it clear.” So I had to took another year to study all the subject for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) or the 留学試験.

I took all the subjects (japan and the world, mathematics and japanese) and you know what? I made it, by my own strength to get enough point to go beyond and move to a good university… but, that was my first big fail, I could not go to the university because they required me something that I could not afford. But that was the good part. At the same time, my working hours strongly decreased and I had less money to live, moreover, I said to the society where I lived that I moved out because of money’s problem. However, the place I wanted to go was not okay anymore. So I was outside, alone, without money. I was able to move out from this situation thanks to friends that helped me

That was the real “first” experience I get before I came home. When I think about it, I do not consider it as a fail, but as a success because I understood the real meaning of the life. And now, I know I should not fear something if I want to succeed in it. I do not consider fail as something hopeless that we need to escape like death, but as as something can bring you the real thing. Moreover, I want to go to the game even if I do not have the acknowledge required. But, who cares?

I have an idea that might be really interesting and I want to talk about it and make it happen, but it will be for another time….