From once what supposedly could have been the “GOAT” before ever playing a snap in the NFL to “PUP”, will Luck’s train ever make it to the station?

Sporting News

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, or at least that’s what the buzz is. Is he the only superstar getting set to leave though?

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead supposedly missed a court date for a shoplifting charge in Virginia — until he didn’t. Even after Whitehead was cleared of all wrongdoing, he was still cut, and the Cowboys think he should just deal with it

Zeke has done it again with his off the field antics. How should the NFL respond?

Sporting News

Kevin Durant settled for $9 million less on a re-upped two-year deal with the Warriors. How did his decision help?

KD’s response to…

Russell Westbrook took home this year’s NBA MVP award, but was he the real MVP? The league thinks so, but why?

The Hollywood Reporter

Why can’t Kap find a job? No one knows. But what we do know is it isn’t right

The Undefeated

The Cavaliers and Warriors will meet for the “Trilogy” come Thursday, and only one team can emerge victorious

The Gazette Review
  1. Rest V. Rust/Quality of Competition

The Rockets and Spurs are in a “chess match” of a series. One team will win, but which team poses the biggest threat to the Warriors?

Two of five RB’s selected in the top of this year’s draft, and that is something Jerry Jones can take credit for


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