What You Should Know after Graduation: Two Black Nerds Weigh In.

Update: you can now click on the timestamp and you’ll be directly listening directly to that section of the podcast !

Last year, my friend Iheanyi Ekechukwu and I started a podcast called Two Black Nerds where we discuss life after graduation. Our latest episode is a Q&A sessions, where we attempt to answer questions that recent 2016 graduates submitted.

The episode (link: https://simplecast.com/s/c2cd7092) is packed with resources, and links that I would like to share with every recent graduates on Medium.

Two Black Nerds Graduation Edition — 2016

Questions Answered

00:06:20 — How much do you make?

00:08:55 — What are taxes and why do they suck?

00:14:22 — Financially what do you do?


00:25:05 — What can we do to build a strong financial foundation upon getting our first job?


00:30:00 — Balancing research with family/social life (or how to have work life balance?)


00:38:00 — How do you make new friends and have a social life if you are moving to a new area?


00:41:20 — Your thoughts on dating while black after Notre Dame/PWIs

00:49:20 — Do you really have to go to work when you’re hungover or can you use a sick day?

00:53:30 — I would like advice about cold-emailing/-calling people and companies when they don’t have jobs posted but you still want to work for them.

01:03:34 — How can I break into a major industry if I don’t come from a top tier college?

01:11:00 — How do you avoid getting depressed after you achieve your goals and lose your passion for doing things?


01:22:30 — How should I go about evaluating if the work I’m doing is worthwhile? How much does whether or not you think your job is improving people’s lives weigh into it?


01:30:55 — How do I deal with people that won’t take me seriously in the workplace?


  • A book: Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influencing People”

01:36:35 — What are the best ways to keep learning new things?