The Best Ways To Travel To Tioman Island

Tioman Island in Malaysia is one of the best destinations for snorkeling, diving, and enjoying a fun-filled holiday in the sea with calm waters and waves. The place has many retreats and places for sightseeing.

There are many traveling modes from Singapore to Tioman Island. It includes traveling through a private car, coach, bus, taxi, limousine, flight, and ferry. A private car is good for five to eight people. The coach takes you first to Tanjung Gemok Jetty. From here, you need to take a ferry for reaching Tioman Island.

The Bus route begins at Woodlands MRT. After reaching the Woodlands Checkpoint, take a different bus to Johor Customs. Take a bus from the bus station to Mersing bus station. Hire a taxi, go to Mersing Jetty and go to Tioman Island by ferry.

You can travel from Singapore to Tioman Island by a taxi. It is very convenient to take a taxi, as the driver knows the route very well. If you to take the help of a guide and chauffeur with a taxi, you need to pay slightly more.

However, you can reduce the taxi cost if you travel in a group where the cost of the taxi is shared by others. A limousine costs slightly more but the benefit is that it picks you from your home and leaves you at the exact destination in Mersing Jetty. After that, you can go to Tioman Island.

Travelling by a flight is another way of getting to Tioman Island from Singapore. First, you need to go to Johor. Flights are available from Johor to Tokek Village situated in Tioman Island. Very few people know that this village has a small airstrip and many people travel by air to it. You can also take a flight from Selangor to Tokek Village.

Going to Tioman Island by ferry is a convenient and affordable travel mode. Take a bus from Singapore to Mersing. From here, you can take a ferry that will take about two hours to reach Tioman Island. The best time to take a ferry is in morning from 9–10 AM so that you can return before it is dark in the night.

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